2015 Roster, 2016 Judge Nominations (Reminder)

2015 BCCA Roster

The 2015 BCCA Roster is available for downloading. In odd years, the roster is only published in digital (PDF) format. You should have received a link to the Roster in the January Bagpipes MailChimp email. If you no longer have the email, contact Michele Ritter for the download link.

2016 National Specialty Judge Nominations

Don’t forget to send in your preliminary ballot for 2016 specialty conformation judges. It must be post-marked by January 15th in order to be counted. The ballot and the judges’ bios were published in the November MailChimp email.

If you have suggestions for judges for the 2016 herding trial, send them to Elsa Sell. Include your reasons for recommending the judge, as well as the highest AKC herding title your dog has earned.

What’s New?

News from the Specialty!

BCCA 2017 National Specialty @bcca2017
How to be famous for just $5 -- buy a ticket for the Back of the Catalog Cover Raffle! https://t.co/WdXj8reLbr
BCCA 2017 National Specialty @bcca2017
Agility entries are open! Closing date is September 8. https://t.co/JNmAxyuffE
BCCA 2017 National Specialty @bcca2017
New on https://t.co/mo1hkQutvq: Updated Trophy Sponsorship list and a fantastic new "Top 20" Auction item! https://t.co/VDH0OlXSe0