CEA Health Testing

Collie eye anomaly, or choroid hypoplasia, is a recessively inherited eye disorder that causes abnormal development of the choroid, a layer in the eye beneath the retina. An eye exam detects CEA/CH only in the first few months; after that, developing pigmentation of the retina obscures the choroid.

One CEA affected Beardie (in the UK and Kennel Club registered) and a number of carriers have been identified with the CEA test. Three carriers have American Bearded Collies as ancestors. The BCCA Health Committee and BeaCon suggest that US breeders consider including a CEA test in their pre-breeding health screening test panel.

To read the complete article, including how to obtain DNA test kits if you are not attending the Specialty, download the article here.

Up to 50 DNA kits to test for CEA will be available at the 2017 Specialty. To reserve a kit for use at the show, follow these steps:

  1. Reserve a DNA kit — contact Andrea Hobe (barkley_puppy@hotmail.com), BCCA Health Committee Co-Chair.
  2. Obtain the DNA kit at the Specialty.
  3. Swab your dog’s cheek
  4. Complete the Paw Print (test lab) form. You will need your dog’s registered name and registration number to complete the form.
  5. Bring a check for $20 made out to BCCA for each test kit.
  6. Give the swab(s), check, and form(s)to Andrea for return mailing.
  7. If you are from Canada and will be at the specialty, obtaining the kit there will save you return mailing costs.

Test Results

If you have created an online account at Paw Print Genetics, the results are available in your online account about 2 weeks after receipt of the DNA sample. You are notified by email when results are posted to your account. Log in to review the information which you can print. You will need a copy of the Canine Health Certificate for OFA.

Posting Results to OFA

To have the results posted with your dog’s OFA online record, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the OFA website at www.offa.org.
  2. Go to Forms from the nav menu at very top of the window, then navigate to Application Forms, DNA based genetic disease.
  3. Print and complete the form, choose payment method, and return to OFA with the Paw Print Canine Health Certificate. There is no charge for affected dogs.

Collective Result Reporting

Paw Print Genetics will provide an anonymous report for the BCCA Health Committee and BeaCon. No dog or owner will be identified in that report.

These discounted test kits are available thanks to support from PawPrint Genetics, The BCCA, Beardies of the World Calendar, and BeaCon.