UK Beardies of the Past

Photo Credit: Denise Barley. Thanks to Denise for providing these photos for our use.

UK Beardies, Page 1
UK Beardies, Page 2
UK Beardies, Page 3
UK Beardies, Page 4

Registered Name Index

Blumberg Hadriana at Potterdale – p.1
Chloe of Blumberg – p.1
Chriscaro Chrystal at Orora – p.1
Davealex Royle Baron – p.1
Dearbolt Lady Ancorrie – p.1
Edelweiss of Tambora – p.1
Edenborough Star Turn at Beagold – p.1
Gilllaber Caledonia of Potterdale – p.1
Glengorm Auld Clootie – p.1
Mignonette of Willowmead at Orora – p.2 (2 photos)
Orora’s Frank – p.2
Orora’s Laughing Water – p.2
Osmart Bonnie Blue Braid – p. 2
Pepperland Lyric John at Potterdale – p.2
Pipadene Camio – p.2
Potterdale Anderson at Ramsgrove – p.2
Potterdale Just William – p.2
Potterdale Patch of Blue – p.3
Potterdale Philosopher – p.3 (2 photos)
Potterdale Prelude – p.3
Potterdale Privilege – p.3 (3 photos)
Potterdale Ptolemy – p.3
Potterdale Serenade – p.3
Pure Magic of Willowmead – p.4
Robita’s Dylan Thomas – p.4
Sunbree Sorcerer – p.4
Sunkap Chantilly – p.4
Tamevalley Easter Song of Potterdale – p.4
Wellknowe Crofter – p.4
Willowmead Star Attraction – p.4
Willowmead Summer Gold – p.1

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