UK Beardies Page 1

Ch. Blumberg Hadriana at Potterdale (Blumberg de Roos Erasmus x Chloe of Blumberg) Dec 1981, age 4 (dam of several champions) DOB: 9 Mar 77

Chloe of Blumberg (Ch. Davealex Royle Brigadier x Davealex Wee Caley) ..she was the mother of Ch.Blumberg Hadriana at Potterdale, hence the grandmother of "Burton", and you can see from the photo where the wonderful dark brown comes from that you see in those lines. This photo was taken in 1980, when she was 7 years old. DOB: 22 Oct 73

Ch. Chriscaro Chrystal at Orora (Ch.Orora's Frank x Lincalder Wild Thyme at C.) age 2 yrs, 1984 DOB: 29 Oct 82

Ch. Davealex Royle Baron (Marilanz Amber Gleam x Ch.Cala Sona Westernisles Loch Aber) photo Dec 1979, age 9 DOB: 31 Oct 70

Ch. Dearbolt Lady Ancorrie (Ch. Charncroft Corinth x Ch. Edenborough Sweet Lady) photo 1979, age 2 DOB: 28 May 77

Ch.Edelweiss of Tambora (Ch.Wishanger Cairnbhan x Burdock of Tambora) Dec 1979, age nearly 13. DOB: 6 Apr 67

Ch.Edenborough Star Turn at Beagold (Ch.Edenborough Blue Bracken x Davealex Dawn Reign) photo 1980, age 6 DOB: 3 May 1974

Gilllaber Caledonia of Potterdale (Ch. Pepperland Lyric John at P. x Ch. Gillaber Highland Lament) photographed 1987, age 18 mths. DOB: 13 Mar 86

Willowmead Summer Gold DOB: 4 Nov 71 and Glengorm Auld Clootie DOB: 31 Oct 69 Photo Dec. 1981