Miscellaneous Class

This section is a collection of “Special Mention” pages from the Beardie Bulletin. They list the first Beardies shown in the Miscellaneous Class. In part, the purpose of publishing these exhibitors was to encourage other Beardie owners to register their dogs and participate in dog shows so that the breed could reach full AKC Recognition status.

Dogs Shown 1974 (vol.4, no.2)

Dogs Shown 1975 (vol.5, no.1)

Dogs Shown 1975 (vol.5, no.2)

Dogs Shown 1975 (vol.5, no.3)

Dogs Shown 1975 (vol.5, no.4)

Miscellaneous Class Results, 1975-1976

December 1975 (vol.5, no.4)

March 1976 (vol.6, no.1)

May 1976

National Specialty Matches, 1970-1978

Until the Bearded Collie was recognized by the AKC, the BCCA held National Specialty Matches. To see a list of the Specialty Matches held between 1970 and 1978, look here.

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BCCA 2017 National Specialty @bcca2017
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BCCA 2017 National Specialty @bcca2017
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BCCA 2017 National Specialty @bcca2017
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