Standings, 1977 (Vol.7 No. 3)

Champions of Record

Brambledale Blue Bonnet (B) WD439512 By Brambledale Balthazar x Brambledale Briar Rose. Breeder: Miss L Evans Owner. Mr & Mrs. Robert Lachman
Davealex Larky McRory Of Linchael (D) WD43688 1-77 By Marilanz Amber Gleam x Cala Sona Westernisles Loch Aber Breeder: Mr. & Mrs. D. Stopforth Owner: Moira E. Morrison

Rich-Lins Mister Magoo (D) WD439990 1-77 6y Rich-Lins Pride Of Jason 1-77 x Rich-Lins Royal Shag 1-77 Breeder: Linda Nootbaar & Jean Baker Owner: James L Conro & Linda Nootbaar

Shepherdess From Shiel (B) WD439734 1-77 By Sunbrees Magic Moment O’Willowmead x Breckdale Beauty Maid Breeder: J. Gilchrist Owner: Jowenna K. Surber

Shiel’s Mogador’s Silverleaf (D) WD439509 1-77 By Sunbrees Magic Moments O’Willowmead x Misty Of Mogador Breeder: Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Chadwick Owner: Freedo V. & Barbara H. Rieseberg

Wyndcliff Michaelangelo (D) WD439816 1-77 By Shiel’s Sweetgale Kittihawk 1-77 x Shepherdess From Shiel 1/77 Breeder/Owner: Jowenna K. Surber

Barnleigh Damaris (B)WD439691 1-77 By Marksman 0f Sunbree x Cannamoor Corndolly Breeder: Mrs. H. A. Banks & Lorella A. Warren

Davealex Rhinestone Cowboy (D) WD439994 1-77 By Davealex Iownhim x Willowhurst Dream Awhile Breeder: Mr. & Mrs. D. Stopforth Owner: Moira E. Morrison

Gaymardon Chesapeake Mist (B) WD439777 1-77 By Davealex Royale Baron x Barnleigh Damaris Breeder: Mrs. L Warren Owner: Donnell & Gail J. Miller

Rich-Lins Whiskers of Arcadia (D) WD439908 1-77 By Rich-Lins Rising Son 1-77 x Hootnanny of Bengray 1-77 Breeder: Richard & Linda Nootbaar Owner: James C. & Diann Shannon

Seykoe Clan Chieftain at Beagold (D) WD579050 By Davealex Royale Baron x Cannamoor Cornflower Breeder: Mr. & Mrs. D. Salisbery Owners: Wendy & Ferdinand Reinlieb

Banacek Bewitched (B) WD481451 By The Lord Of Kenstaff x Banacek Moonmagic Breeder: Mr. & Mrs. K. I. Jackson Owner. Ruth A. Murphy

Brisles Mouffy Mister (D) WD439966 By Rich-Lins Rising Son x Barnlieigh Damaris Breeder: Lorella A. Warren Owner Teresa Stinson

Glen Eire’s That’s A Statement [B) WD439991 By Misty Shadow Of Willowmead x Luath Bonnie Blue Bairn Breeder: Anne V. Dolan Owner. Peggy A. Westphal

Haute Ecole Banner O’Braemoor CD (D) WD439795 By Baffler 0’Braemoor x Cannamoor Honey Rose Breeder: Virginia Parsons Owner: Catherine Cline & Katy E.

Jaseton Princess Argonetta (B) WD439385 1-77 By Edenborough Blue Bracken x Edenborough Queen Bess Breeder: J. O. Ruddy Owner. Linda Nootbaar

Companion Dogs

Osmart Black Magic (B) WD439432 1-77 By Sunbrees Magic Moments O’Willowmead x Nigella Black Tango Owner: Robert Parsons

Bonnie Brae’s Hunnypot (B) WD439795 By Cauldbrae’s Brigadoon 1-77 x Withymoor Classical Gass 1-77 Owner: Barbara A. & E. Joe Shimek II

Haute Ecole Banner O’ Braemoor (D) WD439795 •1-77 By Baffler O’ Braemoor 1-77 x Cannamoor Honey Rose 1-77 Owner: Catherine Cline & Kay E. Holmes

Windcache A Briery Bess (B) WD439926 By Shiel’s Sweetgale Kittihawk x Windcache Brillig O’Braemoor Owner: Barbara Prescott

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