Standings, 1978 (Vol. 8, No. 1)

Champions of Record

1978 (Vol.8, no.1)

Champions of Record

Beagolds Black Tiffany (B) WD561250 By Edenborough’s Star Turn at Beagold X Beagold Pennyroyal Breeder: Mrs. Joyce Collis Owner: Roy & Joan Blumire

Blindbluff Ben Nevis My Honey (D) WD 439821 1-77 By Raggmopp First Lieutenant x Gwehelog Rambler Breeder: Mrs. James T. Leeper Owner: Katherine & Robert D. Lingswiler

Cannamoor Honey Rose CD TD (B) WD 739409 1-77 By Rowdina Rustler x Wishanger Comb Honey Breeder: Mrs. G.A. Wheeler Owner: Virginia Parsons

Chordahyer’s Bonnie Jon (D) WD439779 1-77 By Bengray Crofter x Karistan Topkopi Chordahyer Breeder: Forrest K. Ayer & Wm. T. Cordes Owner: Dorothy B. Cloman & Michael V. Kurtzner

Edenborough Blue River (B) WD634950 By Heyescoft Jack Tar x Edenborough Blue Sapphire Breeder: Miss S.J. Holmes Owner: Patricia S. Link

Gaymardon Crack O Dawn (B) WD 552947 By Gaymardon Yorktown Yankee 1-77 x Monyash Tempest Tossed 1-77 Breeder: Gail J. & Donnell Miller Owner: Gail J. & Mark H. Miller

Glennamoor Cayjen O’Glen Eire (B) WD 439978 1-77 By Misty Shadow of Willowmead x Luath Bonnie Blue Bairn Breeder: Anne V. Dolan Owner: William C. Droll

Little Biddy Aberdeen O’Banff (B) WD439873 1-77 By Edenborough Adventure x Brambledale Beth Breeder: Lawrence C. Terricone Owner: Katharine K. Weise

Misty Shallow of Willowmead (D) WD440094 1-77 By Wishanger Cairnbhan x Broadholme Cindy-Sue of Willowmead Breeder: Miss K.S. Moorhouse Owner : Jean Jagersma

Osmart Blue Chips (D) WD623700 By Edward Black From Osmart x Taffeta Of Willowmead Breeder: Mr. & Mrs. N.K. Hinton Owner: Judith Goldworm

Rich-Lins Pride of Jason (D) WD439612 1-77 By Edenborough Adventure X Jaseton Princess Argonetta Breeder: Linda Nootbaar Owner: Louis S. Cole & Richard Nootbaar

Sno-Berry’s Chrysanthemum (B) WD439729 1-77 By Cauldbrae’s Tunes of Glory x Camshron Babs Breeder: Jerald J. & Maria G. Jozwiak Owner: Maria G. Jozwiak & Jacolyn A. Schnute

Brambledale Benedict (D) WD439324 By Brambledale Balthazar x Brambledale Briar Rose Breeder: Lynne Evans Owner: Mona S. Chylack

Buccaneer O’Braemoor (D) WD439882 1-77 By Ch. Baffler O’Braemoor 1-77 x Ch. Cannamoor Honey Rose 1-77 Breeder: Virginia Parsons Owner: William C. Droll

Charncroft Country Rose (B) WD439574 1-77 By Edenborough Blue Bracken x Charncroft Cassandra Breeder: Mrs. J.A. James Owner: Lawrence M. & Maxine Levy

Edenborough Parcana (B) WD439955 1-77 By Edenborough Blue Bracken x Davealex Dawn Reign Breeder: Miss S.J. Holmes Owner: Mrs. Richard S. Parker

Glen Eire’s Molly Brown (B) WD439529 1-77 By Ryjo Holtye x Glen Eire Meaghan O’Cauldbrae Breeder: Anne Dolan Owner: Claudia Dean & Anne V. Dolan

Katie’s Wiff N Pooh (D) WD549959 By Beagold Ben Nevis 4-77 x Glendonald Copper Kate 4-77 Breeder: Jean L. & Irwin J. Richland Owner: George M. Keyes

Kittyhawk First Generation (D) WD440049 1-77 By Shiel’s Sweetgale Kittyhawk x Shepherdess From Shiel Breeder: Jowenna K. Surber Owner: Ramona & George L. De Vore & Richard Rosdail

Raggmopp Holly Go Lightly (B) WD799661 By Cowboy Joe of Raggmopp x Letitia of Kenstaff Breeder: Carol Gold Owner: Karen M. Simcoe & Carol Gold

Spring Magic of Willowmead CD (D) WD440091 1-77 By Braelyn Broadholme Crofter X Willowmead Juno of Tambora Breeder: Miss K. Suzanne Moorhouse Owner: Gilbert F. & Beryl De Borba

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