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ALL ABOUT THE BEARDED COLLIE, by Joyce Collis, Pelham Books

THE BEARDED COLLIE, by G.O. Willison, a Foyles Handbook

PET OWNERS GUIDE TO THE BEARDED COLLIE, by Brenda White, Ringpress Books

THE BEARDED COLLIE, by Chris Walkowicz, publisher Alpine/Denlinger

BEARDED COLLIES, by Carol Gold, publisher TFH

BEARDIE BASICS, by Barbara Rieseberg and B.J. McKinney, publisher Alpine

BEARDIE BASICS AND BEYOND, by by Barbara Rieseberg and B.J. McKinney,
revised by Jo Parker, publisher Alpine

THE COMPLETE BEARDED COLLIE, by Joyce Collis and Pat Jones, publisher
Howell Book House

LITTLE DOG LOST, by Suzanne Moorhouse, pub. The Book Guild, Ltd.,
Sussex, England.

TALKING ABOUT BEARDIES, by Suzanne Moorhouse, self-published


GETTING TO KNOW EWE II / DANCING SHEEP TO SHEEP, a video on herding available from the Great Plains Bearded Collie Club. Contact Ann Witte,

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BCCA 2017 National Specialty @bcca2017
Would you like to win one of these beauties? Info is coming soon!
BCCA 2017 National Specialty @bcca2017
Changes and updates to the Agility events, including the BAD Dinner:
BCCA 2017 National Specialty @bcca2017
Trophy Sponsorship letters are in the mail to last year's lucky winners. We're offering an incentive to return them: