Award Certificates

Since we realize not everyone cannot make it to the National Specialty or even the Awards Dinner, we have now made it easier for you to receive your dog’s award certificates. Shortly after each National Specialty, all the award certificates will now be available online at this location.

If you need a correction made to an award certificate, contact Michele Ritter.

The following PDF file contains all of the certificates earned in 2015 and awarded in 2016. Note that these certificates show only the titles your dog earned up to the end of the previous year. If your dog earned a higher level title in 2015, that title will appear on the certificate awarded at the 2016 Specialty.

Page down to find and print your certificate(s).

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Helpful Hints

  • To get a better look at your certificate, click on the Zoom Out icon in the top right corner. The Zoom Out screen shows multiple certificates at once. You can select and print your certificates from there.
  • Make sure you are printing just the certificate you want. Check the Print dialog to make sure you’re not printing all of the certificates.
  • To download the entire PDF document to your computer, click the Download link. You might need to do this if you are unable to see or print your certificate directly from this page.

Here’s a quick index to help you find where your certificates might be located.

Agility Awards: Pages 1-32
Conformation Awards: 33-58
Herding Awards: 59-82
Obedience Awards: 83-96
Rally Awards: 97-112
Therapy Awards: 113-114