Charitable Activities

The BCCA supports a variety of charitable efforts related to the health and welfare of our wonderful breed, and some (such as health research) that could benefit all dogs. Examples of some recent charitable donations include:

  • the Cancer Research Challenge Fund sponsored by the BCCA Charitable Trust; funds were matched 1 for 1 and the total was donated to the Morris Animal Foundation’s Cancer Campaign. For more information about the specific studies that were funded, see the Charitable Trust’s Challenge Fund.
  • the AKC Fund for Hurricane Sandy Relief
  • health research studies sponsored by the AKC Canine Health Foundation (AKC-CHF). In the past, BCCA donations have helped to fund research into Addison’s Disease, hypothyroidism, cancer, and other conditions.

How You Can Help

Often, BCCA members and friends make donations to the Club or to a related Bearded Collie organization to mark an occasion, to honor a friend, or through fundraising activities of a regional club. Here are some ways in which friends of Beardies can donate:

  • BCCA Charitable Trust (tax-deductible support for Rescue, health research, and charitable activities)
  • BCCA Rescue (helps fund Rescue’s activities)
  • The Bearded Collie Memorial Fund (fundraiser for Rescue; commemorate the loss of a Beardie, whether it be yours or someone else’s)
  • BCCA General Fund (help defray the Club’s expenses, whether in general or for a specific purpose)
  • BeaCon for Health (not a BCCA committee, but a related group that supports health research related to Bearded Collies)

If you have suggestions for worthy causes for the Club to support, contact a member of the Board. You can read the Guidelines for BCCA Donations here.