The Bearded Collie Memorial Fund

Donation Forms: (PDF) (Word .doc)

The Memorial Fund was established to provide a very special way for you to express your condolences to someone on the loss of their Beardie whether it be a recent loss or one that occurred some time ago. Or, you may wish to commemorate the loss of one of your own Beardies. The Memorial Fund is a fund raiser for BCCA Rescue.

When a contribution is made to the Memorial Fund, an “In Memoriam” card is sent to the individual you name, acknowledging the contribution to the BCCA Rescue Program in memory of their Beardie.

In addition, that Beardie’s name will be added to the In Memoriam page on the BCCA website.

If you would like to remember a friend’s Beardie or your own and support the Beardie Rescue Program, make a contribution to the Memorial Fund. Please make your check payable to the BCCA Rescue Program and mail it with the completed form to:

Carol Bond
273 Washington Avenue
St. James, NY 11780

Beardie Memorial Plaques

For many years, the BCCA maintained a set of Memorial Plaques bearing the names of members’ Beardies. In 2014, the plaques were discontinued. The Beardies whose names were on the plaques are now immortalized here on the BCCA website.