Memorial Plaques — Plaques 7 & 8

Plaque 7

CH Artisan Roman Conquest PT ROMH, 1991-2005
CH O’Duinnin Shanaspree Brandy HC, 1991-2005
CH Chantilly’s Soprano ROM ROMX, 1990-2005
CH Meadows Incoming Stom ROM, 1991-2005
Alvin, 1997-2005
Int Am Mex CH Surfsong’s Highland Legend PT JHD CD NA CGC, 1989-2005
Clementine Bauer, 1987-2005
CH Britannia Sweet Black Angel NA HIC, 1989-2005
Teacher’s What a Surprise, 1996-2005
Teacher’s Make the Grade, 1994-2005
Springhill’s Winston of Tory, 1993-2005
CH Blithe’s Aethel of Caledonia HC ROM, 1990-2005
CH Blithe’s Blue Lady Liusadh, 1990-2005
CH Tudor Lodge Sir Walter Raleigh
Jande’s Oxford Knight in Blue, 1980-1991
Chauncey Clayton, 1989-2004
CH Kiltie’s Broadway Bound, 1990-2005
Holly and Berries in Regalia, 1992-2006
Bob, 1991-2006
Arcadia’s Domino of Walkoway, 1986-1999
Chelsic Home Lovin Man, 1993-2006
Am/Can CH Chelsic Love is a Necessity, 1993-2005
Am/ Can CH Artisan Bronze Paladin HX STDC OTDS ATDD HTD HS HRD HS, 1989-2006
Baille, HT CGC Certified Therapy Dog, 1991-2006
Baile de Sol, 1991-2005
Ch O’Duinnin Andy Gabel Stolaway OA OAJ NAC NJC HIC CGC, 1994-2005
CH O’Duinnin Oh DeLorean AX AXJ CD HIC ROM ROMI ROMAX VX, 1991-2005
Woodland Mistletoe Molly, 1991-2005
Am/ Can CH Aratka De Monza, 1994-2005
CH Artisan Cat Ballou, 1992-2005
CH Absolut Wigglesworth CGC HI TDI, 1992-2005
CH Whirlwynd’s Texas Sage, 1989-2004
Alexander MacTavish Henderson, 1990-2005
CH Britannia Ghost Rider CD TD NA HIC, 1988-2004
CH Aellen’s Piper Obannockburn HIC CGC, 1991-2004
CH Aellen’s Dixieland Jazz HIC ROMX ROMIX ROMA, 1989-2004
CH Chelsic Over the Moon HIC, 1991-2005
Am / Can /Int CH Diotima Bear Necessity CD CGD HIC, 1990-2005
Eng CH Diotima With Grace, 1990-2005
Sweetwater’s Painted Lady 2004-2004
CH Caledonia’s Captivating Cleo, 1989-2005
CH Caledonia’s Suddenly Celina, 1996-2005
Am/Can/Int CH Aellen’s Winning Ticket, 1992-2005
Am/Mex/Int CH Melita Ben Nevis, 1988-2005
Am / Can /Int CH Britannia Sweet Sensation, 1992-2005
CH Stonehaven’s My Lady Amber CD, 1991-2005
CH Cauldbrae Rainbeau’s End, 1991-2005
Am/ Can CH HCH WTCH Glen Elder Silver Artisan HRD IIIsc, 1990-2004
Teacher’s Must Be Love, 1991-2006
Gracie, 2004-2006
Jande Cayla, 1992-2006
CH Aellen Dallie Beaudine, 1990-2006
CH Artisan Ruairidh Caitlin ROMHX, 1988-2006
Beaumont, 1990-2005
CH Glengarry Star Dreamer O’Alamos ROM, 1992-2006
CH Aellen’s Going Platinum, 1990-2006
Artisan Mid-Summer’s Night, 1994-2006
Digger, 1994-2006
Sydney of Inverness, 1987-2003
Am/Can/UKC/BIS Ch Sheiling’s Northern Secret, 1994-2006
CH Freedom Shaadowfax HC, 1993-2006
CH Bluweirie’s Elegant Heritage, 1990-2006
Murphy, 1991-2006
Ch Ha’Penny Tempest at Raintree ROM CGC, 1992-2006
Ch Blithe’s Tuxedo Junction HC CGC, 1993-2006
Banquo’s Wild Blue Yonder, 1991-2007
Sasha Parente, 1991-2007
Eerblu Stealin’ an Extra Bow, 1994-2007
CH Archer’s Pocketful of Miracles, 1997-2007
CH Glen Eire’s Bonnie Blue Flag, 1976-1982
CH Spindrift Pride of Glengarry OA OAJ PT CD ROM ROMI ROMAX JX, 1990-2007
Eng CH Natterjack’s Just Perfect for Diotima, 1994-2007
Ch Brigadoon’s Hot ‘N’ Spicy HCT, 1996-2007
Highland’s Butch Cassidy, 1995-2006
CH Ballysword’s By George I Got It, 1993-2007
CH Highland’s Nancy Drew, 1997-2006
CH Int CH Highlander Wildwest Dreams ROMX PT JHD CHC ROM ROMI, 1992-2007
Bearansen Crescent Moon, 1993-2007
CH Sunriver-Aellen Spectacular NA NAJ ROMA, 1994-2007
Potterale Pooh-Bear, 1993-2007
Classical’s Mad Max, 1997-2007
CH SRV-Aellen Signature Piece HSAs, 1994-2007
CH Chelsic Look of Love HC, 1993-2007
CH Aellen Carry The Torch, 1998-2007
Bardmoor Bobby Socks, 1994-2007
Teacher’s Bundle of Love, 1991-2007
Am/Can CH Rallentando Razzle Dazzle ‘Em, 1993-2007
HC Artisan Starlight HXAs HRD IIIs HTD IIIs OTDs STDd CGC, 1995-2007
CH Ha’Penny Seabreeze Mistress Anne ROM, 1991-2007
Am/Int CH Aellen Tried and True AX AXJ EAC OJC NGC TN-N TG-N PT HIC HCT CGC VX, 1995-2007
CH Achates Hyatt Park Regency, 1991-2006
CH Willowisp Mad About You, 1994-2007
Am/ Can CH Foxwood Super Special, 1992-2007
Ch Harmony Forever in Regalia PT, 1995-2007
Ashes and Roses in Regalia, 1992-2007

Plaque 8

Tailwind Aspen Artisan, 1995-2007
Caledonia’s Calico Shepherd, 1992-2007
Llanfair Mr Gustav, 1992-2007
Ch O’Duinnin Picabo Streak MX NXJ AD OAC NGC HIC ROMAX, 1994-2007
Bardmoor Bobby Socks, 1994-2007
Ch Malakar Stirling Fire and Lace, 1994-2007
Natterjack Alice DJ Darling, 1999-2008
Colby, 1991-2008
Katie, 1996-2007
Taylor, 1993-2007
Kali, 1993-2006
Sunset Rdg Sir Awnie M.D., 1996-2008
CH Meadows Angel of Music ROM, 1993-2008
CH Aberdeen Ha’Penny Cool Cruiser, 1999-2008
CH Britannia Please Please Me, 1993-2008
Brandmar N Chelsic Secret Love HIC CGC 2002 2008
Walkoway’s Thunder Rolls, 1996-2008
CH Dovmar Caledonia Chloe, 1992-2008
Classical’s Bailey Star, 1997-2008
Highland Heather in Regalia, 1993-2007
CH Britannia Stormin’ Norman, 1997-2008
Surfsong Sparkles in Black HIC, 1997-2008
Petticash Arcadia Park N Ride, 1993-2008
Baliwyn’s Precious Friend CDX TD MX MXJ HC VX, 1991-2008
Aellen Winning Laurels, 1996-2008
CH Desertstorm Stirling Legend, 1997-2008
CH Artisan Autumn Eclipse HSAs, 1996-2008
Am/Can CH Strathearn’s Gentle Knight, 1994-2008
Am/Can CH Buckraum’s Nip & Tuck CGC HIC, 1994-2008
CH Diotima Blue Kisses to Natterjack, 1991-2008
Oak Meadows Black Maxwell, 1994-2008
CH Aellen and So It Goes, 1992-2008
CH Artisan Solar Storm, 1992-2008
CH Britannia Berry Berry Nice HSAs RN CGC ROM, 1994-2008
Misty Jackson, 2008
MacKenzie Miller Allan, 1996-2008
Ch Meadows’ Good As Gold, 1994-2008
Am/Can Ch Meadows’ Keeper of the Dream, 1996-2008
Am/Can Ch Gemstone Pearl of a Girl, 1999-2008
Am/Can Ch Meadow’s New Kid on the Block CGC TDI, 1990-2008
Ch Wigglesworth Lady Luck, 1994-2008
Daybar’s Guiness Stout HC, 1995-2008
Winterfrost Ariel Ascending, 1992-2008
Ch Ha’Penny Seabreeze Sweet Song 1992-2008
Am/Can Ch Strathearn’s Knight Moves, 2002-2008
Cameron’s Awnie Ferlie HIC, 1998-2008
O’Duinnin Oh Dancin Darby, 1999-2008
Ch Highland’s King Arthur, 1996-2008
Ch Ballysword Marjak Puff N’ Strut, 1992-2008
CH Briarpatch Forget Me Not, 1993-2009
Bantry Bay’s Tara Keegan, 1992-2008
Duncan Greene, 1997-2009
CH Teacher’s Golden Rule, 1994-2008
Tatum, 1995-2009
CH Balgrae’s Rob Ruadh CD RAE HT JHDs MX MXJ AD EAC EJC EGC TN-N TG-N WV-N NVA VX, 1994-2009
St CH/Int CH Spindrift Best of Both Worlds OA OAJ PT ROM ROMI ROMX, 1994-2009
CH Tseyi’s Cherokee Spirit Walker, 1993-2009
Ashberry Pale Rider, 1996-2008
Teacher’s Look of Love, 1991-2009
CH Teacher’s Take Note, 1994-2008
CH O’Duinnin Dos Equis OA OAJ NF SS, 2004-2009
Highland’s Doc Holliday HIC, 1995-2009
Ch Raintree Ha’Penny Behaving Badly, 1996-2008
MBISS Ch Tailwind Papaw Scoonie Penn, 2001-2009
CH Moonhill’s Bluweirie Special, 1995-2009
Muddy Paws, 1993-2009
Nightingale Morgan Le Fay, 1994-2009
Highland’s Robin Hood, 1996-2009
CH Highland’s Memphis Belle ROM, 1994-2009
CH Bantry Bay’s Finnigan Jane, 1993-2009
Angelfire Evening Serenade, 1997-2009
Am/Int CH Brandmar’s All the Right Moves HIC, 1997-2008
CH Headline’s Once In a Blue Moon HIC, 1999-2008
CH Diotima Dream Come True HIC, 1996-2009
Tootsie, 2000-2009
Meadows Gaelic Legend, 1994-2009
CH Shanaspree-O’Duinnin Intrigue OA NAJ HIC CGC CTD, 1993-2009
Am/Int CH Sunriver Shenanigans HCT, 1992-2009
Am/Can/Int CH Britannia Blockbuster, 1998-2009
O’Duinnin Oh Darlin’ Desiree MX MXJ AD ROM ROMX, 1999-2009
HC Sallen Cherokee, 1995-2010
CH Tolkien Fast Forward At Raintree HC, 1995-2009
Am/Int CH Angelfire Double Gem CD RE NA NAJ CGC Delta CTD, 1995-2010
DaisyJapan JP Blue Angel Aurora, 2000-2010
CH Tanglewools Grin ‘N’ Bear It, 1994-2010
Hillside Golden Topaz, 2009-2009
Bardmoor Blue Ballerina, 1994-2010
CH Sunriver-Aellen Blue Denim HIC, 1994-2010
CH Ha’Penny Raintree Laced with Spirit, 1995-2010
Dovmar’s Knight Song, 2002-2008
CH Walkoway’s A Star is Born, 1995-2010
CH Daybreak Gone West Gambling, 1994-2010
CH Chelsic’s Another You, 1997-2010
Rallentando Rhythm and Blues, 1997-2010
CH Brandmar Singular Sensation, 1996-2010
Geliland Tiara at Chaniam, 1998-2010
CH Teacher’s Surprise Out of the Blue RN CGC, 1996-2010
CH O’Duinnin Dazzle ‘Em Dallas MX MXJ MXP MJP, 1996-2010
CH Fox Lane’s Nans Desire, 1996-2010
Aellen’s Pride and Joy, 1995-2010
CH Firstprizebears Haagen Dazs, 1993-2010
Madeline Etoile Plus Claire, 2002-2010
Bluweirie Heritage in Regalia, 1995-2010
CH Discover Walkoway Good Luck Charm CD HIC CGC TDI, 1997-2010
Clanbarrick Sterling Blue, 1995-2010
Am/Can/Int CH Autumnlane’s Li’l Deuce Coupe, 1997-2010
Brandmar’s Best Bet, 1997-2010
CH Winberlee’s Ring in the New, 1997-2011
CH Britannia Sparks Will Fly RN CGC TDI, 2007-2011
CH Raintree Ha’Penny Dark Victory, 2000-2011
Artisan a Storm at Midling’s, 1993-2011
Artisan Dream Maker HT, 1995-2001
CH Tailwind Artisan Avalanche HXAs, 1995-2011
Teacher’s Surprise Package, 1996-2010
GR CH Friendship’s Noblest Aspect, 2003-2011
CH Meadows’ Just the One, 1995-2011
Darling’s Prim N Proper, 2004-2011
Duffy, 1999-2011
CH Artisan Dreamcatcher HIAs, 1995-2011
CH Brigadoon’s Night and Day NA NAJ OAJ CD, 1997-2011
Can CH Hetherbull Hi-Tech Bull’s Eye CGC RN, 1999-2011
Rae’s This Love’s On Me, 1997-2011
Wynsum Holding On To A Dream, 2003-2011
AM/Can CH Rallentando Rumor has It, 1997-2011
CH Fox Lane’s Perpetual Motion HIC CGC TDI, 1992-2007
Fox Lane’s Unforgettable, 1993-2009
Stonebay Monkey Business, 2007-2010
AM/Can CH Rallentando Rumor Has It, 2008-2011
Brigadoon’s uptown Girl 1995 2011
AM/Can CH Meadow’s Sweetwater Dream, 2000-2011
CH Malakar’s No Regrets, 2000-2011
Britannia Watch Me Soar, 2002-2011
Aberdeen’s Against All Odds, 2008-2011
Jubolee’s Faeryglen Spriggan, 1996-2011
CH Chelsie N Brandmar Summer Fling, 2001-2011
Brandmar Puttin’ on the Ritz, 1998-2011
Truman, 1998-2011
Anasazi Secret of the Wizard, 1998-2011
CH Archer’s Starry Starry Knight, 1997-2012
Caledonia’s Coco Murphy Brown, 2000-2012
CH Moonstone Surely You Jest, 1997-2012
Alashaw Frozzie Biscotti, 1999 2011
Ch O’Duinnin A Bud For Boo, 1997-2012