Guidelines for the BCCA Board of Directors’ List

Revised August, 2013

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  1. The email list is a private list owned by, and operated under the auspices of, the BCCA for members of the Board of Directors of the BCCA to discuss official BCCA matters.
  2. The archives of the email List are considered official records of the BCCA and, as such, shall be maintained by the BCCA Vice President who shall be, in name only, the owner and moderator of said email list during their term of office.
  3. Ownership and moderator status of the email list shall be relinquished to a newly-elected BCCA Vice President by the current Vice President by midnight on the last day of their term of office (i.e., June 30).
  4. No member(s) of the BCCA Board of Directors may invoke ownership of the email list by virtue of their temporary ownership or moderator status of said email List.
  5. It is expressly understood that topics discussed on the email List are confidential in nature and members of the Board of Directors agree not to forward the contents of such messages, either in writing or verbally, to any person or organization not on the email list without permission.
  6. No cross-posting to other email groups is allowed nor is addressing this group when sending to other email lists. This email list is for BCCA Board Members only.
  7. Newly-elected BCCA Board Members shall be added to the email List one (1) month prior to taking office; out-going BCCA Board Members shall be removed from the email List immediately upon the expiration of their term of office.