Guidelines for the BCCA Mentor Program for Conformation

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In order to provide ringside mentoring at BCCA specialties and presenters for BCCA Judges Education Seminars at both the national specialty and for various groups who request such presentations for prospective bearded collie judges, the BCCA Board of Directors will approve mentors who meet the criteria below.

Mentors shall be approved for a three year period, after which they will need to renew their standing as a BCCA mentor by exhibiting to the Board that they have actively participated in the program during the three year period.

Original Application and Approval

  1. In order to be initially approved as a mentor, the person must:
    1. Request a mentor application from the Judges Education Committee Chair
    2. Submit the application to the Judges’ Education Committee (JEC) Chair verifying that he/she:
      1. Be a member in good standing of the BCCA, and of any AKC dog club in which you maintain membership
      2. Twelve or more years’ experience exhibiting in conformation with the AKC (documentation must include dates of exhibiting and dog club memberships, and must be included in order to process application)
      3. Bred and raised five or more Bearded Collie litters on your premises
      4. Bred five Bearded Collie champions (whether or not owned or handled by the applicant)
      5. Member of the BCCA for ten years
      6. Attended an approved Judges’ Education Bearded Collie seminar sponsored by the BCCA
      7. Willing to work at Judges’ Institutes and at National and local mentoring seminars
      8. Mentorship maintained by attending a national specialty at least once every three years and assisting with ringside mentoring or hands-on examination
      9. Special consideration may be given to an applicant with proof of substantial involvement in Bearded Collies and other AKC breeds, at the discretion of the board
  2. Upon receipt of an application from a prospective mentor, the JEC chair will review and verify that the person is eligible for the position. Once the chair is satisfied, he/she will submit the application to the BCCA Recording Secretary.
  3. The recording secretary will then submit the application to the board with a motion to approve the applicant for a three year period.

Renewal of Mentor Privileges

  1. The applicant will request a renewal form from the JEC chair and complete and return it verifying that during the past three years he/she:
    1. Has continued membership in the BCCA
    2. Has participated in at least one session of ringside mentoring or at least one hands-on session of mentoring
    3. Has attended at least one training session for current mentors
  2. The JEC chair will review and verify the information and submit it to the recording secretary who will submit it to the board with a motion to renew for another three years.

Proviso — All mentors already listed as of June 1, 2013 must submit an application for renewal. Those who are approved will then be expected to renew on a three-year basis.

Forms to be provided by JEC Chair

  1. Application for mentoring
  2. Renewal application for mentoring privileges
  3. Etiquette for BCCA Mentors when providing ringside mentoring
  4. AKC Ringside Observation Form*
  5. AKC Ringside Observations Criterion*
  6. AKC Mentoring/Tutoring Form*
  7. Approved program for presenting seminars for judges
  8. Approved packets of information for seminar participants
  9. Necessary equipment needed for presentations

*Forms available at: (10/2012)