Guidelines for the BCCA Members’ List

Revised October, 2013

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  1. No brags or disparaging comments about any dogs allowed.
  2. No ads allowed.
  3. No attachments will be permitted.
  4. No complaints about other members/persons tolerated.
  5. No discussions of other dog clubs or registries except as they may relate to any relationship existing or proposed with the BCCA.
  6. No personal attacks or discussions allowed on other members or their views. If you have a problem with a fellow BCCA member, please discuss it with them PRIVATELY.
  7. Members are NOT allowed to forward posts from other members or non-members on any subject. Only original posts from the sender are acceptable. List members who break this rule will immediately be placed on moderated status.
  8. In order to subscribe to the list, each person must be a current member of the BCCA and the e-mail address used to subscribed to the list must match the one currently on file with the club. E-mail addresses that cannot be confirmed will result in a subscription to the list being denied.

The Members’ List is a fully moderated list and owned by the Bearded Collie Club of America. Its existence is for the sole purpose of discussing current club business, the exchange of ideas and offering positive suggestions by the BCCA membership. Those who choose to ignore the rules above will be given a ONE TIME warning. Should the undesirable posting behavior be repeated, the offender will be placed on a NO POST status for a minimum of one week. During this time, he/she can read mail, but cannot send to the list. A third offense will result in the permanent removal from the list by the moderator or List Owner.