Guidelines for the BCCA Nominating Committee

Revised October, 2013

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A Nominating Committee shall be chosen by the Board of Directors before February 1st. The Committee shall consist of three members, pursuant to Article V, Section 4A of the BCCA Bylaws. All must be members in good standing and only one may be a current member of the Board. The Board shall name a Chair for the Committee. The appointed Chair should be given a copy of these Guidelines. The Chair should make contact with the other Committee members and outline the proposed sequence of communications which will lead to the selection of a slate of candidates for the BCCA Board of Directors. This first contact should include a copy of these Guidelines.

Upon selection by the Board of Directors, the Nominating Committee shall, pursuant to Article V, Section 4 of the BCCA Bylaws, nominate from among the eligible members of the BCCA, one candidate for each office and for each other position on the board of directors which shall be open for the next official year and every third year one candidate for AKC delegate. The committee shall procure the acceptance of each nominee so chosen.

The President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer all have terms of one year. The AKC Delegate has a term of three years. The six Directors are divided into two classes of three which are elected in alternating years for two year terms.

The Recording Secretary will place a notice in The Bagpipes and on the BCCA website requesting that the names of prospective nominees be submitted to members of the Nominating Committee. Affiliate Clubs should be contacted, soliciting suggested nominees from members. All members of the Nominating Committee are encouraged to suggest qualified nominees. Members of the Committee may communicate with each other in any way which is convenient to them when selecting candidates for the slate.

The Chair should contact current Board members whose terms of service are ending and inquire whether they are interested in being considered again for nomination. Those answering in the affirmative should be considered with all other suggested persons. There is no requirement that incumbents whose terms are ending must be asked to serve another term.

In selecting potential nominees, the following criteria should be stressed:

  1. Time and interest to contribute to the orderly progress of the National Club.
  2. Regional distribution
  3. Length of time the candidate has been a Bearded Collie owner, breeder, and/or exhibitor
  4. Contributions to the sport of dogs
  5. Contributions to the Bearded Collie breed and to Affiliate and/or National Club
  6. Special contributions which could be made to the National Club by virtue of talent, education, training or professional endeavor

Each potential nominee shall give written assurance of his/her willingness to:

  1. Run for office
  2. Attend meetings (including annual meeting at National Specialty), contribute to mail meetings, participate in conference calls, serve on committees and be an active and contributing member of the Board, if elected

The Committee shall weigh the merits of all possible nominees and select those they believe are most qualified. The Nominating Committee’s job is completed when the slate of candidates and their acceptances are submitted to the Recording Secretary by March 1st. The Recording Secretary shall notify each member of the Club of the slate of candidates on or before March 15th.