BCCA Awards by Year

This section chronicles the awards given for different venues over the years. In addition to the information shown here, you can learn more about the awards in the following locations:

The Herding section contains information about the Bishop Award for Herding Excellence, Herding Dog of the Year (HDOTY), Top Herding Dog (THD), and the ROMH/ROMHX (Register of Merit for Herding) and ROMI/ROMIX (Register of Merit for Instinct) awards.

The Beardie Agility Diehards (BAD) website lists information and recipients for a variety of agility awards, ROMA/ROMAX (Register of Merit for Agility).

BCCA Awards By Year

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2004AgilityConformationHerdingJunior ShowmanshipVersatilityObedienceBaxter's Chair
2005AgilityConformationHerdingJunior ShowmanshipVersatilityObedience
2007AgilityConformationHerdingJunior ShowmanshipObedienceTherapy
2008AgilityConformationHerdingJunior ShowmanshipObedience & RallyTherapy
2009AgilityConformationHerdingJunior ShowmanshipCHIC Champion of HealthObedience & RallyTherapy
2010AgilityConformationHerdingJunior ShowmanshipVersatilityObedience & RallyTherapy
2011AgilityConformationHerdingJunior ShowmanshipObedience & RallyTherapy
2012AgilityConformationHerdingJunior ShowmanshipVersatilityObedience & RallyTherapy