BCCA AKC Delegate

Revised October, 2013

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The AKC Delegate shall represent the Bearded Collie Club of America at all meetings of the delegate body of the American Kennel Club, including committee meetings the day before which relate to the health, welfare and best interests of the breed and the BCCA. The Delegate shall vote thereat in accordance with the best interests of the Club and as instructed by the Board of Directors of the Bearded Collie Club of America. In the event there is a vote which does not directly affect the best interests of the breed or the BCCA, (Field trials, hunting dog events, etc.) the Delegate shall use his/her best judgment in determining how to vote.


  1. Represent BCCA at meetings of the American Kennel Club and report to the Board of Directors and to the membership on all matters before the American Kennel Club which affect the breeding and showing of Bearded Collies and the operation of local or national specialty clubs.
  2. Attend quarterly meetings of AKC Delegates wherever they may be scheduled. At present there are two meetings per year in Newark, NJ, one at a place to be determined by the AKC Board of Directors, and one at the Eukanuba Championship Show, either in Orlando, FL. or Long Beach, CA.
  3. Secure input / suggestions from Club members and local Clubs.
  4. Inform the Board and members of matters which affect or are of interest to BCCA and Bearded Collie owners.
  5. Act on behalf of BCCA when contact with AKC is required.
  6. Respond to questions about Bearded Collies from BCCA members and non-members.
  7. Serve as guest columnist for the AKC Gazette if needed.
  8. Be well-versed in all Standing Rules that apply to this position.
  9. Attend the Annual General Meeting of the BCCA if possible.


  1. Ability to communicate effectively and to write interesting, informative, timely articles.
  2. Computer or word processor skills are helpful.
  3. Ability to meet and interact with other delegates and members of the AKC Board of Directors.
  4. Ability and willingness to represent the BCCA’s best interests and those of the purebred dog by speaking before the entire delegate body.

Time Commitment

  1. To attend quarterly meetings of the AKC Delegate Body and the Committee meetings on the day prior. This involves two days, not counting travel, of work from early morning to early evening. It involves becoming familiar with AKC procedures, the AKC officer, Board members and members of the delegate body in order to be an effective representative for the BCCA.
  2. Time necessary to report to the membership the results of the meetings.
  3. Time to study and become familiar with the By-laws and Rules of the American Kennel Club.
  4. A commitment of a minimum of five (5) years as delegate, the number of years the AKC recommends.