BCCA National Specialty Advisor

Revised October, 2012

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The National Specialty Advisor oversees the annual BCCA National Specialty from year to year and acts as the “go to” person for the Regional Host Club and /or the National Show Committee. The advisor shall represent the membership and keep the welfare of the club as their first priority. They shall work closely to advise in the decision-making process of the National Specialty Committees from year to year and report to the BCCA Board.


  1. Meet or conference/email with each Regional Club (3 years in advance or more) as to the basic procedures of running the National Specialty including choosing location, committees, AKC requirements and fundraising/show logo.
  2. Assist the Specialty Chairperson with contract negotiations with the show hotel and grounds if applicable.
  3. Assist the Specialty Chairperson / Committee Chairs with Standing Rules pertaining to the Specialty.
  4. Assist the Specialty Chairperson and Treasurer with creating a mandatory budget prior to presenting their National bid to the BCCA Board.
  5. Assist the Specialty Committee Chairs as needed and offer guidance with Website, Fundraising and other items that will help secure a successful specialty for all.
  6. Update and Communicate with The Board as to the progress of the host clubs as necessary.
  7. Attend the AGM of the BCCA if possible to update membership and secure new bids for upcoming years.
  8. Work closely with the current year National Chair and Treasurer to make sure that all accounting is done correctly and reported to the Board in a timely manner following the event.
  9. Update the National Specialty Guide as needed.


Member in good standing of the BCCA for at least five consecutive years. Attendance at 3 National Specialties and Past Chairperson of at least one BCCA National Specialty.

Time Commitment: 20 – 60 Hours per month