BCCA President

Revised October, 2013

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To serve as chief executive officer of the Club. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Board, and shall have the duties and powers normally appurtenant to the office of the President in addition to those specified in the By-laws.


  1. Lead the Board in setting up yearly goals and plans for the BCCA at the ABM.
  2. Preside over each meeting of the club and of the Board of Directors.
  3. Prepare an agenda for each club meeting.
  4. Serve as ex-officio non-voting member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
  5. Communicate with the members at large through a monthly President’s Message for the Bagpipes.
  6. Member of Committee to select the recipient of the Ian Morrison Service Award.
  7. Preside at the Annual Award Dinner and participate in presenting awards.
  8. Conduct business of the Club through ongoing communication with all Board Members through the BCCA Board List.
  9. Call and preside at Executive Committee meetings.
  10. Select Parliamentarian for Annual Meeting and consult with him/her as needed throughout the year.
  11. Be available to Committee Chairs and the membership.
  12. Monitor and respond to members through the BCCA Membership List.
  13. Be well versed in the BCCA By-Laws and Standing Rules.
  14. Participate in all Board meetings, the ABM, and the AGM.


  1. Member of the BCCA for at least two consecutive years.
  2. Knowledge and understanding of the BCCA By-Laws and Standing Rules.
  3. Knowledge of Robert’s RuIes of Order.
  4. Knowledge and experience with the administration of organizations and meetings.
  5. Preferred experience of having served previously on the Board of Directors or a major committee.