BCCA Treasurer

Revised October, 2013

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The Treasurer shall collect, receive, and disburse all moneys due or belonging to the Club; he/she shall deposit the same in the Edward Jones account opened in the name of the Club; he/she shall report to the Board at every meeting the condition of the Club’s finances and every item of receipt or payment not before reported; at the annual meeting he/she shall render an account of all the moneys received and expended during the previous fiscal year; and he/she shall carry out such other duties as are prescribed in these By-laws or directed by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall prepare and file all reports required by Federal, State and local laws. His/Her books shall at all times be open to inspection of the Board. The Treasurer shall be bonded in such amount as the Board of Directors shall determine.


  1. Collect money submitted to the BCCA and deposit funds in the club’s name in the Edward Jones account.
  2. Pay club bills according to club guidelines.
  3. Maintain the club’s books in a manner consistent with acceptable bookkeeping practices.
  4. Prepare an annual budget to be presented to the Board at the July meeting.
  5. Prepare and submit to the Board of Directors a monthly financial report of the club’s receipts and disbursements. Send a copy of the monthly financial report to the Bagpipes editor for publication.
  6. Prepare an annual financial report of the club’s reimbursements and expenditures for the fiscal year. The report is to be ready for distribution at the annual meeting. The report will include all accounts for which the treasurer is responsible including all investments.
  7. Submit a copy of the annual report is to the Bagpipes editor for publication.
  8. Submit club financial records to the audit committee designated by the Board and assist the committee as needed.
  9. Inform club membership of appropriate dues renewal information during the month of May.
  10. Collect dues renewals and Beardie Rescue Program contributions.
  11. During dues renewal period, transfer Beardie Rescue Program contributions to the program coordinator.
  12. Provide updated member contact information and selection criteria (e.g. hard copy requests, Bulletin subscription, etc) received through dues renewal to the Corresponding Secretary to update the membership database. Forward information to persons responsible for club’s mailing labels.
  13. Handle club correspondence related to financial matters.
  14. Review and maintain the club’s liability insurance policy.
  15. Communicate matters of importance to the Board concerning club financial matters.
  16. Work with the editor of the Beardie Bulletin regarding financial matters related to its publication.
  17. During the month of January, compile a report of editing fees paid to the Beardie Bulletin editor during the period of January 1 – December 31 of the preceding year. Forward the report to the editor and Board of Directors.
  18. Participate in Board meetings.
  19. Collect ballots for club elections according to club guidelines. Forward ballots to recording secretary at appropriate time.
  20. Compile financial-related reports as directed by the Board.
  21. Perform other duties related to the position as required.
  22. Guide the Board in accordance with the Guidelines for BCCA Donations.
  23. Participate in all Board meetings, the ABM, and the AGM, if at all possible.


  1. Member of the BCCA for at least two consecutive years.
  2. Knowledge and understanding of BCCA By-laws, Standing Rules, and Guidelines.
  3. Knowledge of standard bookkeeping practices.
  4. Organizational skills and punctuality are necessities.
  5. Familiarity with banking and tax laws.
  6. Extensive use of MS Excel or similar software.