Current BCCA members hail from across the USA and Canada, as well as Mexico, South America, Japan, and multiple European countries.

Current Members

The BCCA membership year runs from July 1st to the following June 30th. Membership renewal forms for each year are sent via MailChimp by July 1st. You may also visit the Membership Renewal page for the renewal form, or to pay your dues with PayPal.

Renewals are due to the BCCA Treasurer by August 1st. If not received by August 1st, a $5.00 late penalty will be assessed.

If dues are still unpaid after August 31, your membership will be terminated. Lapsed members may reapply for membership; use the same forms and procedures as for New Members below.

The 2018 membership renewal deadlines have changed, due to changes made in the Standing Rules. Instead of sending out renewal forms and reminder emails in June, they will be sent out on July 1. The deadline date is now August 1, and a late fee will be assessed for renewals arriving in the month of August. See the 2018 BCCA Membership Renewal Update for the details.

New Members

The BCCA invites Bearded Collie owners 18 years of age or older to apply for membership. There are five classes of membership which shall be open to all persons eighteen years of age and older who subscribe to the purposes of the club and are in good standing with the AKC.

  • Single Members: Enjoy all the privileges of the club.
  • Joint Members: Open to a husband and wife or to two persons living in the same household, who each will enjoy all the privileges of the club.
  • Single or Joint Associate Members: Enjoy all the privileges of the club, except the right to make motions, speak in debate, vote, and hold office.
  • Foreign Members: Open to non-U.S. residents who will enjoy all the privileges of the club except holding office and voting on the official Standard of the Bearded Collie.
  • Honorary Members: May be recognized by the board of directors for meritorious service to Bearded Collies or the club, but shall be eligible to vote or to hold office only if they were previously admitted to single or joint membership.

To apply for membership, do the following:

  1. Download the BCCA Membership Application.
  2. Complete the form in full. All applicants must sign it.
  3. Read and sign the Code of Ethics included with the application.
  4. Have a BCCA member in good standing complete the Sponsorship section. Contact the Corresponding Secretary if you need help in locating a BCCA member to act as your sponsor.
  5. Forward the application, along with the appropriate dues (checks or money orders must be in U.S. Funds) to the Corresponding Secretary. You may also pay by PayPal. The Treasurer will invoice you for the dues, on receipt of your application.

The application process takes approximately three months. The Corresponding Secretary will submit the application to the Board for review and to the Bagpipes editor for publication and membership review. If no objections to an application are received, a motion to accept the application will be voted upon at the next Board meeting. Upon approval, the Corresponding Secretary contacts the applicants and welcomes them as new members of the BCCA.

Affiliate Clubs

The BCCA currently has 15 affiliate clubs throughout the USA. See the Affiliate Clubs page for contact information for the club(s) closest to you.


The Bagpipes is the BCCA’s monthly newsletter. Your membership includes a subscription, delivered via email in PDF format. If you do not have email, contact the Bagpipes Editor. For more information about the Bagpipes, see the BCCA Publications page.

The Beardie Bulletin

The Beardie Bulletin is the BCCA’s quarterly magazine. The Bulletin is not included with your subscription, but you may add a subscription when you apply for membership. For more information about the Bulletin, see the BCCA Publications page.

BCCA Members’ Email List

The BCCA Members’ list is a Yahoo group that provides a forum to discuss BCCA-related business and issues with fellow members. Read the associated Guidelines before joining. To subscribe to the list, contact the BCCA Vice-President. Note: You must be a current member of the BCCA to join the list.