Minutes and Notices

Current Notices from the BCCA Recording Secretary

February 2018

2018 National Specialty Herding Trial Judge Nominations

Standing Rule 8.4.1 • After a bid to host the national has been accepted by the board, the specialty herding trial chair will request recommendations for judges for each trial, test, and herding instinct test in the Bagpipes. Recommendations must be in writing or by email and include why that judge is recommended. The person making the recommendation must include the highest herding title he/she has earned. The recommendation must be received by the BCCA Herding Committee Chair within 60 days of publication of the request. The BCCA Herding Committee will discuss and review each recommendation and the chair will forward a list of recommended judges, including commentary, to the National Specialty Herding Chair within 75 days of the publication of the recommendation request. The judge(s) for each herding event will be taken from this list. Should all recommended judges be unavailable, or in an emergency, the BCCA Herding Committee will assist the local chair in finding an appropriate judge(s).

Please send your recommendations to the BCCA Herding chair by March 15, 2018:

Elsa Sell
764 Liberty Road
Milner, GA 30257

2017 Member of the Year Nominations

Standing Rule 4.7.1 • Member of the Year. This award will recognize the BCCA member or group of members who, as a result of their activity, has made the most significant contribution to the advancement of the Bearded Collie Club of America or the bearded collie. The award will be publicly announced and presented at the National Specialty banquet in the year following the calendar year for which the honor is awarded. Nominations for the award will be accepted from any BCCA member in good standing. Nominations must be received by the recording secretary on or before March 21st of the year following the calendar year for which the award is made. Each nomination shall be accompanied by a 250 word (maximum) statement justifying the award for the particular nominee. Seated officers and board members are not eligible for the award.

Call for BCCA Officers and Directors Nominations

The Board has elected Debby Furlow to serve as the chair of the 2018 Nominations Committee. As Nicole Conner and Debby have served four consecutive years, it will be necessary for the committee to find nominees for the positions of President and one two‐year Board Member, as well as any other positions that may be vacated. This is also the year in which we will vote on the BCCA AKC Delegate. This position is for three years.

Please contact any of the nominating committee members with questions or with nominations for any of these positions.

Results of the Preliminary Ballot for 2019 National Specialty Judges

The following names were elected to be on the final ballot for the regular classes.

Regular Classes

  • Ian Copus
  • Caroline Nicholson
  • Cheryl Poliak


  • Pat Colombo

As there were only three nominees for sweepstakes, the first ballot was the final ballot. The final ballots will be emailed by
February 15th, and are due to the treasurer, Rich Bihl, by March 30, 2018.

Bid for Beardie Bulletin Editor

Bids are now being solicited and accepted for editing the Beardie Bulletin for 2018‐2019. If you are interested, please contact the Recording Secretary for bid specifications. Send your completed bid, on or before March 15th, to:

Rosemary Schroeder
1405 Everest Road
Venice, FL 34293

or email to rschroeder198@gmail.com.

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