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Current Notices from the BCCA Recording Secretary

March 2017

2016 Member of the Year Nominations

Standing Rule 4.7.1 • Member of the Year. This award will recognize the BCCA member or group of members who, as a result of their activity, has made the most significant contribution to the advancement of the Bearded Collie Club of America or the bearded collie. The award will be publicly announced and presented at the National Specialty banquet in the year following the calendar year for which the honor is awarded. Nominations for the award will be accepted from any BCCA member in good standing. Nominations must be received by the recording secretary on or before March 21st of the year following the calendar year for which the award is made. Each nomination shall be accompanied by a 250 word (maximum) statement justifying the award for the particular nominee. Seated officers and board members are not eligible for the award.

National Specialty Final Ballots

Final ballots for the 2018 National Specialty judge must be received by the Treasurer on or before March 30, 2017. Send to:

Don Means
BCCA Treasurer
35859 Elkridge Run
Elizabeth, CO 80107

2017 Nominating Committee Report

The nominating committee — Michele Ritter, Ruth Colavecchio, and Kathy Thomas — have selected the following names for the 2017 BCCA election of Officers and Directors, Class of 2019.

President: Nicole Conner
Vice President: Sharon Prassa
Recording Secretary: Rosemary Schroeder
Corresponding Secretary: Meg Naylor
Treasurer: Richard Bihl
Directors, Class of 2019: Sonja Blanchard, Andrea Hobe, Brian Wistrom

Additional Nominations

SR 3.2 Additional Nominations. If valid additional nominations for officer or board positions are received by the recording secretary on or before April 15th, each member shall receive a mailed ballot postmarked no later than May 1. A one page biography of each candidate will be published in the May issue of the Bagpipes. The deadline for submission is May 1st. If the form that is provided is not used, the font must be 10 points or larger with half inch margins. All publishing guidelines must be followed. The biographies will be printed as submitted, without editing, and listed alphabetically by office and board.

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