Conformation Judge Herding Mentors

BCCA Herding Mentor Program for AKC Conformation Judges

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Mentors are available to assist AKC conformation judges learn how characteristics of the Bearded Collie as described in the Breed Standard relate to herding work.  While the herding committee recognizes that modern Beardies rarely have the original working conditions available in a non-agrarian society, the breed standard was originally developed for working dogs.

Herding Mentor Qualifications.

A Bearded Collie Herding Mentor for AKC conformation judges must meet all qualifications listed below.

  1. Has personally trained and trialed at least one of their own Bearded Collies through all levels in AKC including the level of the HX on either sheep or cattle in AKC trials
  2. Has continued to train and trial their own Bearded Collies at other levels in AKC trials, or in any other recognized herding trial program offered in North America.
  3. Has been a member of the BCCA for a minimum of 5 years.
Mentor Name Location Email or Phone
Barbara Claxton Sausalito, CA
Mary Lott Salem, OR
Terry Manganiello Overland Park, KS
Cindy Mendonca Bellevue, NE
Jim New Risco, MO 573-276-8608
Tish Pollock Yamhill, OR
Elsa Sell Milner, GA
Deb Thomas Yelm, WA
Ann Witte Springfield, NE
Sandy Weiss Brooksville, FL
Joanne Williamson Boxborough, MA
Brian Wistrom Minneapolis, MN 612-325-1394
BCCA Herding Chair
Elsa Sell
Milner, GA

Observing at Herding Events

The best locations to observe a number of Beardies in AKC herding events are at the national specialties or affiliate clubs that hold herding trials.

National Specialties

2015 – Herding Test/Trial – Fido’s Farm, Olympia, WA,  September 19-20, 2015.  Trial Chair: Deb Thomas.  Judges: Terry Kenney and Lynn Leach.

Affiliate Clubs

Check the BCCA Events Calendar for dates and locations of herding events.