Herding Photos

The Beardies  in the slide presentation below are from all parts of the country and represent the range of expertise from instinct test to advanced trial.  They are at work, training, or trialing – or cooling off.

Use the keyboard arrows,  mouse, navigation arrows (hover over right or left side in the middle of the screen), or touchscreen if using a touch sensitive screen to advance through the slides.

[SlideDeck2 id=2748]


What’s New?

News from the Specialty!

BCCA 2017 National Specialty @bcca2017
Would you like to win one of these beauties? Info is coming soon! https://t.co/e1eKD4xaS0
BCCA 2017 National Specialty @bcca2017
Changes and updates to the Agility events, including the BAD Dinner: https://t.co/JNmAxyuffE
BCCA 2017 National Specialty @bcca2017
Trophy Sponsorship letters are in the mail to last year's lucky winners. We're offering an incentive to return them: https://t.co/1o4w86F3hi