Herding Title Reports & Stats

AKC, AHBA Herding Titles; Instinct, Farm Dog Certifications

Title Data.  Beginning in 2010, the herding committee transferred all AKC paper records of titles and more recent qualifying run data to an electronic database.  This was a long and tedious process with a number of contributors – Ann Witte with paper records, Brian Wistrom scanning all the hand records, Elsa Sell creating the database, entering data, and arranging for an ASP.NET program.

The committee believes in recognizing success of Bearded Collies in all herding venues.  Thus, we included official AHBA titles in the database. Eventually we hope to include ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) titles; obtaining that information has been less easy and at the least, requires knowing a dog’s ASCA tracking number.

Per Standing Rules governing yearly BCCA awards calculations, official AKC records are the only accepted source of data for AKC herding titles and qualifying runs.  As well, AHBA records from the bimonthly newsletter are the official source for AHBA titles.

Owners are asked to review their dog(s)’ information in the electronic database for accuracy.  Discrepancies in the electronic should be reported to the committee chair, Elsa Sell beaconbb@bellsouth.net.  Those changes will be made in the database and will be reflected in the full report that is updated approximately yearly.

See the bottom of the page for links to the AKC and AHBA titles reports.

Accessing the Electronic Database (new URL 7/28/16).
URL:   www.beardieherding.org
log in (search by individual dog or title and venue – no changes or additions can be made to a dog’s record).  Copy/paste to avoid typing errors
username: 9GC,6n/BiXW
password: hzmEjB%37K

AKC Herding Masters Application Form

AKC Title and BCCA HIC Statistics Report 1980-2016


AKC Title Report.  This contains an alphabetical list of Beardies with AKC Test and Trial level titles through December 2017.

AKC Herding Masters  (posted Feb 2017).  This contains a yearly list of Beardies achieving a Master’s title (this means 8 qualifying runs after the title).

Bearded Collie Herding Champions (posted August 2017).  This is a chronologic list of AKC Herding Champions.

AHBA Titles.  This contains an alphabetical list of Beardies with AHBA Titles 1998 through December 2017.

Instinct (BCCA and AKC) and Farm Dog Certifications.