Because our Beardies can do it all, the BCCA has two ways to recognize and rewards Beardies who excel at multiple activities. Both types of awards are recognized and awarded at the National Specialty Awards Banquet.

The “Chip” Versatility Trophy recognizes the highest scoring Beardie who enters and competes in at least three different activities at the National Specialty.

The rules for competing for the “Chip” Trophy are here.

The BCCA Versatility Awards recognize dogs who have earned titles in three or more different activities.

This page shows the lists of BCCA Versatility Award winners by year.

This page shows the awards — both of the “Chip” Trophy and the BCCA Versatility Awards — awarded by year at each National Specialty.

Section 9.9 of the BCCA Standing Rules discusses both the “Chip” Trophy and the criteria for earning the Versatility, Versatility Excellent, and Masters of Versatility Awards.

Earning a Versatility Award

If your dog has earned a Versatility Award at any level (according to the criteria in the Standing Rules), then contact the Versatility Chair. Specify the titles your dog earned and the dates on which they were earned. Note: Only AKC titles qualify for the Versatility Awards. Be sure to check the current BCCA Standing Rules to make sure that your titles qualify.

Award Certificates

After each National Specialty, all award certificates will be stored online at this page for downloading and printing. If you earned a certificate, you can get a copy from the Award Certifcates page.

Note: The certificates on this page are updated every year. This means that you have approximately a year from the Specialty in whcih you earned a certificate until the next Specialty to download and print it. After the next Specialty, the certificates awarded at that Specialty become available. Don’t wait until the last minute! Print any certificates you want before the year is over.