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BCCA Donates to help Pets Affected by Hurricane Harvey

In honor of our beloved Beardies, the Bearded Collie Club of America has made a $5,000 charitable donation to the AKC Reunite Fund to help pets affected by the wrath of Hurricane Harvey.

AKC Reunite funds projects and programs such as AKC Pet Disaster Relief, other pet-related disaster preparedness and relief efforts, and support of volunteer canine search and rescue teams. The level of devastation wreaked by Hurricane Harvey is beyond comprehension and we are honored to do what we can to help.

We also invite you, our Beardie family, to support this or other worthy charitable organizations in this time of great need. If you are aware of any of our Beardie family in distress, please let us know. We are all SO blessed to be a part of this wonderful supportive group.

For more information about AKC Reunite or to make a donation, look on the AKC Reunite page.

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