Agility Activities at Beardie Camp

Chair: Cheri Omnus
Trial Secretary: David Williamson

AKC Trials — We will be offering two AKC Agility Trials on Tuesday, June 19th and Wednesday, June 20th. Classes offered will be Standard, Jumpers, and Time to Beat. Jeff Ipser, Wigglesworth Bearded Collies, will be our judge. The trials will begin at 9:00 AM. Entries are limited to Beardies only. Note: This is an AKC event, so there will be separate entry forms for the Agility Trial.

Click here to get the Premium List and entry forms.

TUMPS — Any Beardie and handler entered in the trial may participate in the TUMPS game. Course will consist of 6 jumps and 6 tunnels that are repeated so as to produce a complete course of 18 obstacles. It is scored like Time to Beat, where all dogs of the same jump height compete together regardless of their level, and the course time is set by the fastest dog.

Relay — Teams of 3 handlers and their Beardies compete on a course consisting of tunnels and 16” jumps. Each handler on a team completes the course with his Beardie, handing off a baton to the next handler on the team. The team with the fastest time minus any faults wins. Dropped bars are faulted 5 seconds. Any handler and Beardie entered in the trial may participate in the Relay.

For more information about the Relay, see the Premium List.

An Agility Seminar with Jeff Ipser – See the Classes & Seminars page.