Beardie Camp Classes and Seminars


This year, we’re offering two Seminars that you won’t want to miss!

Agility Seminar — What Was That Judge Thinking? • presented by Jeff Ipser

Jeff and Sharon got their first beardie in 1983. Jeff started competing in agility in 2000 and has run three Beardies that have earned a total of 25 MACHs. He became an AKC agility judge in 2006. He has a right to be very proud of his agility Beardies:

Zoom — CH MACH14 Wigglesworth Super Sonic CD RN MXC4 MJS5 NAP NJP MXF MFS TQX recently retired, and
Rezoom — CH MACH8 Wigglesworth Super Smooth Operator MXC2 MJB3 AXP AJP MFB TQX T2B, still going strong!

This seminar will help you to:

  • Improve your Q rate
  • Never again say “I didn’t see that trap!”
  • Learn what the AKC expects of you at each level

During these four hours, you will learn the essential elements of course requirements for AKC courses. In addition, the skills the AKC expects teams to have are discussed and demonstrated for all levels, Novice through Masters and Premier. Walking a course will never be the same after this presentation.

The seminar will be held on Thursday after the trials are over, in the Founders’ Room upstairs above the Checkerboard Café, with practice in the agility ring. No dogs needed, but bring a pencil and eraser.

Fee: $35.

An Introduction to Canine Core Conditioning • Presented by Wendy McBrayer Kregor

Wendy’s interest in obedience training began more years ago than she is willing to put in print; however, when she started training a Husky who was on the high-strung side, the real work of obedience training began. Training Natasha was demanding, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately rewarding. Natasha led Wendy into showing in the obedience ring and to the conviction that all dogs need a “job”. Since acquiring Bearded Collies — Mac and more recently, Hans — she has become more involved in the dog world, including conformation, rally, canine scent work, agility and as a FitPAWS® Master Trainer. Wendy combines her experience as an elementary teacher with her passion for dog training by teaching classes at Two Paws Up in Lake Bluff, IL.

Here are some of the things you will learn.

  • Did you know a dog’s center of gravity is near their shoulders? 65% of their weight is in his/her front end. The front end gets more “strength” training naturally. Therefore, hind limbs lose some power over time.
  • Learn foundation exercises you can perform on the floor as well as how to safely interact with a variety of FitPAWS® and other equipment to improve strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, and proprioception.

And don’t forget the extra benefits of this class:

  • You’ll learn exercises that provide more challenge than a daily walk.
  • You’ll have fun with your dogs as they use their brains to figure out what you are looking for.

Bring tons of teeny, tiny treats and wear shoes you can easily move around in. This seminar will be held in the Great Hall.

Fee: $35.


Classes will be held at various times during the day, and some will be in the evenings. The length of classes will vary depending upon the content and the number enrolled. The classes will be scheduled with agility and herding in mind where possible, so feel free to sign up for some classes even if you will be busy in another venue. We will mail you your individual schedule and other information in May.

Please enter only one dog per class. However, you may enter any class more than once if you have more than one dog. Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Class Instructor Fee
Basic Grooming Sharon Ipser $25
Beardie Crafts Julie Patzius $32
Beardie Open Swim $15
Conformation Handling Sharon Ipser $25
Make a Braided Leash for your Beardie Janet Fiske $32
Nosework – Beginning Part I
Large Group Session
Marilyn Snook $25
Rally Introductory Level Cheryl Poliak $25
Rally Run Through
An actual course will be set up with Cheryl Poliak acting as judge.
This is an opportunity for you to practice rally, but is not an actual trial.
Cheryl Poliak $25
Tracking Mary Jo Steger/Jeannie Galluzzo $25
**AKC Tricks Certification
Want to earn a novice Trick Dog Title (TKN) for your dog, or even an intermediate Trick Dog Title (TKI)?
To learn more about Trick Dog titles, look here.
Marilynn Snook $25
**AKC Canine Good Citizenship Testing Marilynn Snook/Maryann Szalka $25

**Important — You must bring a copy of your dog’s AKC Registration to Trick and CGC Testing.