Past Specialty Judges

1970-1978: Specialty Matches

Year Regular Classes Sweeps
1970 Ken Henry  
1971 Margaret Osborne  
1972 J. Llynn Welsh  
1973 Mrs. C. Seavers Smith, Jr.  
1974 Dale McMackin  
1975 Joyce Collis Peg Westphal
1976 William Haupt Moira Morrison
1977 Derek Stopforth William Hayes
1978 Haworth Hoch Mrs. George Roos

1979-Present: National Specialty Show

Year Regular Classes Sweeps Futurity
or Other
1979 Mrs. C. Seaver Smith   Mr. C. Seaver Smith
1980 Robert Ward Gail Miller  
1981 Eleanor Evers John Cramer  
1982 Mel Downing Linda Nootbaar  
1983 Suzanne Moorhouse Anne V. Dolan  
1984 Jenny Osborne Cynthia Mahigian-Smith  
1985 Ann Rogers Clark Gail Miller  
1986 Joyce Collis Moira Morrison  
1987 Suzanne Moorhouse Sue Glatzer  
1988 Cynthia Mahigian Rosemary Schroeder  
1989 Barbara Iremonger Bea Sawka  
1990 Dorothy Welsh LeRae Conro  
1991 Brenda White Irene Carson  
1992 Jim Shannon Chris Walkowicz &
Jean Jagersma
1993 Cynthia Mahigian Moorhead   Gail Elizabeth Miller  
1994 Jo Parker Gail Miller  
1995 Janet Lewis Chris Walkowicz  
1996 Suzanne Moorhouse Lucy Campbell-Gracie  
1997 Jenny Osborne Chris Schaefer-Blair  
1998 Chris Walkowicz Kathy Finley  
1999 Ian Copus Diann Shannon  
2000 Denise Barley Virginia (Penny) Hanigan  
2001 Gail Miller Charlotte Laning  
2002 Stephen Appleby Arlene Rubenstein Eileen Dinneen
2003 Mrs. James Edward Clark William Carter Kathy Pavlich
2004 Maureen Betts Susan Lybrand Pat McDonald
2005 Chris Walkowicz Diane Newman Carol Gold
2006 Alan Burfitt Mary Billman Beth Tilson
2007 Patricia Laurans Rosemary Schroeder Pam Harris
2008 Wendy Hines Tom Dixon Mary Jo Steger
2009 Anne Wilding Linda Aronson Gaye Brockett
2010 Sharon Ipser Claudia McNulty Barbara Marshall
2011 Chris Walkowicz Béla Scecsy Lisa Voss
2012 Sue O’Brien Susan Lybrand Cindy Alspaugh
2013 Pat Hastings Chet Jezierski  
2014 Kathy Pavlich Cheryl Poliak  
2015 Gail Miller Bisher Dr. Catherine Goetz Perry  
2016 David Hyde Ruth Colavecchio Beginner Puppy: Bob Lamm

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BCCA 2017 National Specialty @bcca2017
How to be famous for just $5 -- buy a ticket for the Back of the Catalog Cover Raffle!
BCCA 2017 National Specialty @bcca2017
Agility entries are open! Closing date is September 8.
BCCA 2017 National Specialty @bcca2017
New on Updated Trophy Sponsorship list and a fantastic new "Top 20" Auction item!