Publications History

Cover of the Beardie Bulletin, Volume 1, Number 1.

Front page of the very first BCCA Newsletter, 1977.

The Beardie Bulletin

The Beardie Bulletin began publication in 1970, just as the BCCA itself was forming and seeking recognition as an AKC club. (Read more about the Club’s earliest days here.) The original issues were hand-typed and mimeographed, and include the original draft of the Bearded Collie breed standard, show grooming tips from Mrs. Willison herself, various articles, and greetings from Bearded Collie owners around the USA and Canada.

The Bulletin Archives page contains Bulletin issues starting with Volume 1, Number 1 in 1970. The Bulletin Collection page lists those issues that are in the collection of the BCCA Historian. If you have any of the missing issues and are willing to share them with the club, contact the BCCA Historian.

The BCCA Newsletter

In May of 1977, the very first BCCA Newsletter (which we now know as the Bagpipes) was published. The newsletter began as an experiment, as an attempt to distribute Board minutes and notices to all BCCA members on a timely basis. Before then, local clubs were responsible for relaying information to their members. This proved difficult for members who did not have local clubs nearby; thus, a mail-based club newsletter was born in order to reach everyone.

To read the very first BCCA Newsletter, look here.