Online Rescue Application

Is your yard fenced?

Have you owned a Bearded Collie before?

Have you owned other breeds before?

Do you currently have other dogs in your household?

Are there other pets in your household?

Do you have a strong preference for a male or female Beardie?

Is someone home during the day?

Are you familiar with the use of a dog crate?

(Beardies should never, ever, be left alone outside if no family member is home and watching!)

Are you aware that Bearded Collies require extra grooming (as much as an hour per week?)

Have you had an opportunity to research the Beardie: temperament, characteristics, personality, specific health needs, grooming, cautions, etc.?

Have you ever met a Beardie?

Are you willing to travel a reasonable distance to get a Rescue?

Do you agree to a home visit if one is requested?

The donation for an adopted Beardie is $150. Is this suggested donation agreeable to you?