Auggie’s Story

by Ann & Will Gwilliam

Eyes that take you in. A gentleness that melts your heart. A charm that tickles your soul. A Beardie. Our Beardie. Our new and first Beardie, Auggie.

These qualities are probably familiar to those “dyed in the fur” Beardie lovers, but we have just recognized what all this fuss is about. Auggie was with us for less than 24 hours when we knew he was the dearest creature we’d ever known.

Michele Marini, his guardian angel, brought him (we think about a year old) from a shelter near her Blacksburg home and called us. We’d been on the waiting list for a rescue Beardie for a while and were thrilled to make the trip to Blacksburg from Gloucester County to pick him up.

He was immediately friendly, crated well on the five hour trip home, has since been affectionate to everyone and every other fur-bearing thing in our home or neighborhood. He and a year-old Springer spaniel next door met and played as if they were buddies from puppyhood.

Auggie wants only to be loved. We know nothing of his past excepting he was brought to the shelter as a stray by animal control, his matted coat covered with ticks and fleas. He tolerated probing by vets, and initiated play with all the dogs in the vet’s waiting room. He also let groomers scrub and clip him as he wagged and licked faces the whole time.

His charm is revealed when he eats lying down, wants to reach up with a Beardie hug, and spins around on the end of the leash with excitement at seeing another dog. He responded to “sit” and “down” commands after only a few times, and is willing to comply with just about anything we ask of him.

We think stairs are not in his past, because he refuses to go up and down ours. We’re working on that, but in the meantime he’s carried up and down like the precious cargo he is.

Thank you, Bearded Collie Rescue, for the wonderful network that allows people like us to have and enjoy a Beardie. I know that I will also be taking Auggie to schools with me for lessons in my job as educator with our local humane society. And, I know that we will take him on trips and with us wherever we go. We love Auggie and having him as now a part of our family!

Note: Auggie (originally Shamus) was rescued from a shelter in West Virginia by Michele Marini in April 2001. Judy Howard helped coordinate. This is one story for which the background would be difficult to describe. Auggie was very much in need of assistance and held in poor conditions. The rescue process was very lengthy for Michele.