Dudley – An Update

Wade Pelton, one of our Texas rescue coordinators, rescued and rehomed Dudley back in 2004. He received this update from Dudley’s owner in September of 2016.


Hello. I don’t know if you remember me, but my name is Dawn Keen (maiden when I met you, Dawn Florance). I came across your email.

I got my Dudley from you when I was living in Austin, back in Oct 2004. He has been such a good boy. Though stubborn as expected of the breed, we love even that, about him. He is the best. It was a struggle with the mange for a while. This is why he stays cut back.  Just thought I’d send some pics.
We now live in Maryland, where I’m from. I got Dudley (who was briefly named Tito Fuentes by someone somewhere but I kept Dudley, what you were calling him,) and months after rescuing him, met my husband, then married, moved back to my hometown with him in MD, and have 2 children.  We live on 2 acres.
Anyway, he’s around 13 now, so we are enjoying every moment knowing his days are somewhat numbered. He has started to have some old age signs, and has to be on a low protein diet.

We love him! Thanks again for what you do!!!

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