Gillie’s Story

by Karen Joy Gibson
November 2000

When I first saw Gillie, I was excited and happy! The night that I got him it was cold and dark. I could still see him though, but not as good as if it were light. I’ve always wanted a dog and now I finally have one!

Gillie is my first dog. He is a fawn colored Bearded Collie rescue. But before I got Gillie, he stayed with Laura and Mike Reynolds. They took really good care of him, and were very sad when he was old enough to leave.

Gillie has three sisters and one brother; all rescued as little puppies from a wholesale dog auction. Their mom was rescued, too, and they all went to good homes.

We met Glenn Short in Lansing, Mi, to pick him up. Gillie was tired from the long trip from Kansas City. So, when we got home, my dad got him some food, and I showed him were the water dish was. He ate all of his food and drank a lot of water.

The morning before I got him I slept in, because I knew I would have to take Gillie out in the middle of night to potty. But, the next night he surprised me, because he did not wake me up to go outside. So, in the morning, I looked in his crate to see if he pottied in there, but he didn’t! Gillie doesn’t mind his crate. In fact, it’s a place where he can really sleep well, and feel secure in. He sleeps through the night now, but when he’s up and around in the house, I take him out about ever hour.

House training a puppy in the winter is not easy, but Gillie is very well behaved as he listens 90% of the time. Sometimes, he does misbehave like all puppies. My dad shows me the right way to gently correct him when he does, and Gillie seems to understand.

Gillie eats 3 times a day. When I am at school, my dad feeds him between noon and 1pm. The other two times, I feed him. Every day, my dad and I take Mikie and him for long walks on our trails. He loves to do that! On weekends, I sleep in longer, but that’s fine with Gillie: he sleeps in, too.

He likes to play with Mikie, my dad’s dog. Sometimes, if Mikie does not want to play, he just lies there and then Gillie starts barking at him! Mikie doesn’t like it when Gillie pulls on his coat, especially his beard. But Mikie and him get along very well, especially when they run around together outside.

Gillie loves to play with his toys that are scattered all over the living room. He is very curious about everything. But most of all, Gillie loves to cuddle. I think it’s his favorite thing to do. He is a very affectionate Beardie.

To me, he is a wonderful dog!

Gillie Update

April 2001

Gillie, now just 7 months, enjoys going to puppy obedience classes. His sits, down, stays, heeling, and recalls have shown much improvement, and he just loves to greet the other dogs!! I like to train Gillie after school, both inside and outside. Gillie gets a thorough brushing session once a week.

He’s starting to lose his puppy coat, so right now he’s shedding a lot. Also, because he’s grown a lot, Gillie gets fed twice a day rather than the three times a day, when he was smaller. Gillie and my dad’s beardie, Mikie, love to play together, especially chasing each other around the house. But most of all, Gillie is my very own beardie, and the very best cuddler!

Editorial Note: Gilly was rescued by the BCCA as a puppy from an auction frequented by puppy mill operators. He is a lucky fellow to escape such a life and find such a great home and best friend.