Houdini’s Story


by Mazie Blanks, © Mazie Blanks

The rescue of Houdini, a two-year-old Beardie, was one that involved people from three countries linking together to find a home for a Beardie who needed one. The connections were made via the internet.

Houdini as a stray in Greece

Houdini as a stray in Greece

I live in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). While vacationing in Santorini, Greece in December, 1996, I was shocked to find a Beardie, whom I later named Houdini, eating garbage and living as a stray on the streets of this beautiful island.

After finding a vet, Dr. Margarita Valvis-Roussou, who agreed to take Houdini into her shelter in Santorini, I rescued Houdini and took him to the vet’s shelter. The vet sends many of the rescued dogs to a shelter in Germany, because there are not enough people in Santorini to adopt the strays.

After hearing that Houdini would be headed for Germany, I decided to set up a home page on the internet so that Houdini could find a home before he arrived in Germany. Within 30 hours of Houdini’s home page being on the internet, he had found a home! Annette Mertes, in Germany, contacted Bernd Meissner, who has loved Beardies for years. He found a couple who wanted to adopt Houdini. Bernd’s friends, co-workers, and other Beardie lovers throughout Europe contributed money so that Bernd could go to Santorini to pick up Houdini and take him to his new home in Germany.

The story gets better. Houdini had cloudy eyes when I rescued him. Bernd’s vet in Germany treated him in Germany, and his eyes are now clear!

Houdini in his new home in Germany

Houdini in his new home in Germany

Houdini’s new parents adore him. They cannot imagine life without that special Beardie boy! I visited Houdini in Germany five months after he arrived in Germany. There is now a “big Beardie smile” on his face!

This was a story with a very happy ending, and it was one that was followed by Beardie lovers all around the world. Donations were sent to the shelter in Greece. The IAMS Company, who heard about the vet in Santorini, donated food to the shelter in Greece.

Houdini thanks you all for caring about him and the other dogs in the shelter in Santorini. He loves his new home in Germany! There were three countries……three languages…..but one common bond. Everyone wanted to help Houdini find a new home. The internet made that happen, and the response was amazing. There were thousands of “hits” on Houdini’s home page within just a few weeks.

The internet has changed everything about our lives. In this case, a dear Beardie boy who had been abandoned on a Greek island, was able to connect with a new home in Germany.