Makita’s Story

Makita, an eight month old Beardie was rescued from a shelter in Preble County, OH. She was taken there by her owner. Unfortunately, the owner did not know about Beardie Rescue, which would have saved this little girl from having to spend about 10 days in a shelter. Makita was taken from the shelter by Rosie Schroeder in December, 1999 and taken to Rosie’s vet for a routine check-up. She was found to be in good health.

When she arrived at the vet, Makita immediately won the heart of the receptionist, who had recently lost a 17-year-old poodle. After bringing her husband over to see Makita and thinking it over for a night, they took her home with them the next day. It’s a great situation. The husband is retired, so Makita is his constant companion. She is even allowed to sit in his recliner, which no two-legged animal is allowed to do!