Ronja’s Story

Ronja originally belonged to a loving family; however, the family had to move to Finland. They were not allowed to take Ronja unless she went into quarantine. They did not think it was fair to subject her to that, so they left her with the mother’s parents who already had at least one other dog. The parents were moving into a smaller house and just couldn’t take care of all the dogs. They also knew that Ronja missed having children to play with. That’s when they called Rosie Schroeder to see if we could find her a home. Glenn Short (Regional Coordinator) sent Rosie the name of Micheline (Missy) and her family, who had been waiting for a rescue and seemed to be a perfect fit.

Rosie picked Ronja up in the middle of a Bob Evans parking lot in Cincinnati in a terrible storm. It was raining very hard, and she felt so sorry for the lady who was giving her up. She was crying and very sad, but because of the rain, it was difficult to say goodbye.

RonyaNewFamilyRosie’s husband, Walt, and Rosie met Ronja’s new family in Indianapolis. They were lovely. The whole family, Missy, her husband, and her three children came to get Ronja. Benny stayed home to get his hair done! The children were extremely polite and very gentle and loving with Ronja. She was a little scared at first, but she has settled into her new home like a champion!

Missy wrote: Ronja is doing very well. She is very strong, healthy, a good eater, a good sleeper, and loves to run full speed through the yard. She is very possessive with her chew bones. She is definitely the boss over Benny, who is now 16 months. It took about 2 weeks for the two of them to bond. Benny just wanted to play, and Ronja wanted to be sure that she was going to be the boss.

She showed Benny her teeth and growled at him several times for the first few days, then it decreased gradually, so now Ronja only reprimands him on occasion. Benny doesn’t care who is boss, he is very laid back. They are cute together. Ronja is very loving and cuddly with the kids, and especially my husband. She minds pretty well, and was obviously loved at her previous home. We kept the name, Ronja, because it fits her. We are so lucky to have her.

Update July 2004. Ronja was loved by her family and now sadly missed as she passed away from inoperable cancer. It was very aggressive and quickly grew in her nose and sinuses. She kept her sweet disposition and smiled throughout. She was only 10.5 years old. She had several good love filled years with Missy and her family.