Sammie’s Story

Sammie went from her foster home in IL to her new home in Lubbock, TX, where she had another beardie girl, Desi, for company & a huge backyard to romp in. She even had a doggy door, so she could come & go as she pleases, once she figured that out.

Betty & Charlie Waits flew from TX to Chicago to get Sammie, & then rented a car for the trip home to Lubbock. The really great thing is that after being in her foster home for several weeks & pretty much ignoring anyone who came by, she greeted Betty & Charlie like long-lost friends – they couldn’t get over it! How do these dogs know these things, anyway??

The bonding was immediate & she happily hopped in the car for the long ride home. She settled quickly & had her new owners wrapped around her dainty paw.

Sammie’s birthday was on Valentine’s Day, which was also the birthday of their granddaughter! This is another of those “magical” rescues that just take on a life of their own & Sammie was clearly where she was meant to be. Betty & Charlie took both dogs to their granddaughter’s birthday party & Betty reported that Sammie was a bit apprehensive & probably thought she was being taken somewhere new to live yet again, but when they brought her back home, she was clearly very excited to be back on familiar ground.