Simon’s Story

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Simon (a.k.a. Sunny Boy) was a purebred Beardie owner-surrender at a the Las Vegas, NV, SPCA. They did not do an “intake” on him, but called the local Beardie Rescue person to come get him.

The shelter asked Patty and Jeff Halverson to foster him and they agreed. When he came to them, he was such a sad sight. He had been shaved down and was grown out 3 or 4 inches, but he had broken teeth and a crooked jaw, as if he had been hit with a baseball bat or something. Also, he was so very withdrawn and depressed.

He was in foster for about 6 weeks, to recover from his surgeries and to be exposed to a loving environment. When it was time to place him, the question was how to find him the very best home possible.

Julie Sneed was contacted by the Utah Humane Society. They had a benefactor who had recently donated over $1,000,000 to them to help construct a new wing. They owned two Beardies previously and only wanted a rescue. Julie hooked Patty up with the Humane Society and the wonderful Kay family came into Simon’s life.

These generous people have given him the most loving home. They have two homes in Utah and one in California and Simon goes everywhere with them. Simon and their rescue cat fly in a chartered jet with the family when traveling to places that are too far to drive.

The Kays recently had the new wing of shelter dedicated in their names, and of course Simon was there to participate. The family made an extremely generous donation to BCCA Rescue and assured Patty if Rescue was in need, to just call them. Patty stays in close contact with the family.

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