So Hi Sam’s Story



sam2On a hot June day in Nevada, Patty and Jeff Halverson were asked to pull and foster a BCCA Rescue-approved boy from a Kingman, AZ shelter. Being novice rescuers, they only had a crate and a leash with collar. When they stopped outside of Kingman in a Cholla-infested neighborhood called So Hi, he escaped. It was his second time in this shelter and he was an escape artist as well as a runner.

Long story short, on the third day, after distributing flyers throughout the neighborhood and offering a reward, he was sighted. Team Sam (5 people) searched all day with no luck. Ready to give up, he surfaced about 5 p.m. They chased him in a truck for several miles before he darted behind a modular home and allowed Jeff to nab him. He gave him a bite and a lick. Poor boy’s paws and tail were full of Cholla. The neighbors were out in their yards cheering Team Sam on as they pursued him in the truck—Sam did stop in flight long enough to pee however.

Well, the Halversons flunked Fostering 101 and adopted Sam. He remains an important part of the family, as “there is always room for one more dog.” And, it takes a Village.