Spunky’s and Maggie’s Story

by Frank Curhan
Las Vegas, NV
April, 2000

The above picture represents two of Paul Glatzer’s now-long-ago efforts, and a recent permanent house guest who is a the result of the local Corgi rescue effort.

Paul and Ann Witte arranged to have Spunky (male, b/w) shipped to me in Virginia from Nebraska about 13 yrs ago (1987). Spunky is now about 14yrs+ and although almost deaf and having macular degeneration, still acts like a most lovable puppy with tail constantly wagging!

Paul and Mikki Saar arranged for me to have Maggie (female, fawn) who was rescued in Maryland about 8yrs ago and is now 9+ years. She now lives the life of a Princess with 2 gentlemen-dog admirers (of course neutered)!, and me! (a gentleman-human, of course non-neutered)

Both Spunky and Maggie moved with me by car across the USA about 6 years ago and Las Vegas, Nevada is our home now. As I said, Corgi joined us about 2yrs ago and has become Spunky’s “seeing and hearing” dog as he barks in his face to let him know what is going on. Surprisingly, Spunky jumps up from a deep sleep, immediately starts barking as well and runs to the front window or door as Corgi directs! My thanks again to Paul Glatzer and all the others in Beardie Rescue for this “wonderful family” which I continue to enjoy.

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