Memorial Plaques – Plaques 3 and 4

Plaque 3

World Int de las AMS/AM/Can/Mex CH Gaelyn Copper Artisan PT ROMX ROMI, 1979-1994
CH Cauldbrae Blue Columbine ROM, 1979-1993
CH Lochengar Great Expectations ROM,1977-1993
CH Algobrae Chelsea Blue Am ROM/Can ROMX, 1978-1993
CH Arcadia’s Bluegrass Music ROM, 1980-1994
CH Silverleaf Sweet Promise, 1978-1994
Ha’Penny Dickens McDuff, 1980-1994
Revel Manor’s Meghan Leigh, 1982-1994
Jande Maytime Matilda, 1988-1994
Rob Roy’s Rascality, 1985-1995
Can/Am CH Penstone Masterpiece, 1979-1994
CH Pensgone Shadow of Ilbeth, 19791-993
Ken-Bea’s Blue Streak, 1979-1994
ENG CH Kimrand Carousel, 1980-1994
CH Parcana The Sonsie Tyke, 1981-1994
Cappy, 1981-1995
CH Lochengar’s Piglet, 1979-1995
CH Lady Brooke of Bannochbrae ROM, 1980-1994
CH Unicorn Joel of Timber Ridge, 1982-1995
CH Aellen’s Cocoa Joe HC ROM, 1980-1995
Gladenmead Fancy Free, 1987-1995
Nell, 1980-1994
Winterwood Weezy Wumpkins CDX Can. CD CGC, 1985-1995
CH Kiltie’s Black Bawbee CD HC, 1989-1995
ENG CH Wellknowe Crofter, 1980-1993
Am/Can CH Britannia Ticket to Ride HC ROMX ROMI, 1987-1993
CH Mistiburn’s Mistletoe HC ROM ROMO ROMI, 1980-1993
CH Parchment Farm’s Mr. Kite CD HC ROM, 1979-1994
Maggie Bloomfield MacArbor, 1976-1992
Am/Can/Mex CH Dolinbrook’s Go for the Gold, 1984-1993
Jande Black Ashtree, 1981-1993
Am/Can CH Clan’s Sterling Silver, 1978-1992
Am/Can CH Ha’Penny Havoc, 1982-1993
CH Fox Lane’s Kindred Spirit, 1989-1993
CH Windcache A Daisy A Day CD HC, 1979-1992
Chymbeau’s Bathsheba, 1981-1993
Wynward Alice Blue Braid, 1979-1993
Am/Can/SKC CH Tiffany Edmar House Speaker CH HC, 1986-1994
CH Arcadia/s Steel Dust ROM, 1989-1994
Tramp, 1985-1994
Baby Cakes Watson, 1980-1993
Einstein, 1989-1994
Am/Can CH Silverleaf’s Virginia Reel, 1979-1994
Duffy, 1982-1993
Britannia Nothing Sweeter, 1992-1993
Ha’Penny Noble MacDuff, 1979-1994
Caymardon’s Bronze Brigadier CDX, 1978-1994
Holm Shanna-Dawn Glen Avon, 1986-1992
Int’ll AM/CAN CH Shiloh’s Ange Beauseant CD PC HC, 1981-1993
Alashaw’s Top Gun, 1986-1992
Cauldbrae’s Schatzie, 1976-1992
Brambledale Bonnie Dundee 1979 1993
Willowmead Summer Magic, 1981-1993
Shenedene Miss Crispen ROM ROMI, 1977-1993
Dovmar’s New Man About Town, 1980-1992
Windwhistle Androcles, 1984-1992
Brewing Trouble O The Picts HC, 1986-1993
Windwhistle Admiral Grady, 1984-1993
Briarpatch Fancy That, 1991-1993
CH Oak MDWS Gailejend HC, 1986-1993
Glen Eire Schatzie O’Hare CD Can. CDX, 1979-1992
Am/BDA CH Glen Eire’s Forty-One, Am/Can/BDA CD, 1978-1993
Barney’s Bursting Charisma, Am/Can CDX HC, 1983-1993
Boris, 1997-1991
Ruffhouse Best Bib’N Tucker, 1986-1992
Silverleaf Autumn Harvest ROM HC, 1979-1993
Wildwood-Arcadia Imagination, 1992-1993
Brisles Jubl’E Dundee, 1976-1993
Am/CAN CH Bendale Special Lady UD HC ROM, 1979-1993
Misty Belle of Stonehaven, 1978-1993
Half Band, 1979-1993
Gladenmead Fawn Fella, 1978-1993
CH Mistiburn Happy Memories HC ROM ROMI, 1981-1995
Cricket’s Daisy of Deveonshire, 1979-1995
CAN CH Inverness Alakazam CAN UD AM CD FbDCH SHDCH CAN HC, 1984-1995
Artisan The Sorcerer CD, 1981-1995
Artisan Merry Widow HC, 1984-1994
Highlander Black Maxx, 1988-1995
Greysteel Joan of B’Ark UD HC, 1982-1995
CH Paddington Bear of Willowisp, 1980-1995
Wyndcliff Foolery O’ The Picts CGC HC ROM ROMIX ROMOX, 1980-1995
Ha’Penny Moonshadow ROMX, 1980-1995
Edmar Sweet Betse, 1979-1995
Am/Can/Int/Mex CH Ha’Penny Hoyden at Edmar ROM HC, 1982-1995
Llwynogyn’s T J Prancer HC, 1988-1995
Rodando Culloden At Chaniam ROMX ROMI, 1978-1994
Geliland Black Bawbee At Chaniam, 1981-1995
Chaniam’s Tousy Dubh Awnie , 1981-1995
Glen Eire Glad Ashley HC, 1982-1995
Violets Are Blue at Glen Eire, 1980-1995
Walkoway’s Victoria Holt, 1979-1995
Scott Charisma of Willowmead, 1993-1995
CH Artisan Copper Breagan HC, 1982-1995
Melita Mistress of the Till CD, 1978-1995
Benbeculas Sterling Addition, 1980-1995
Parchment Farm’s Jasmine CD, 1981-1995

Plaque 4

Blackacre’s Amazin’ Blue, 1979-1995
Blackacre’s Bo’ness, 1979-1992
Rippleshire’s Gaelic Girl, 1976-1987
Parchment Farm’s Valerian, 1981-1997
Glen Eire’s Going Great Guns, 1984-1997
Windfiddler’s The Natural, 1985-1997
Ha’Penny Old Chuck A’Coal, 1981-1996
AM/CAN CH Colbara Fiona Cameron Blue AM/CAN ROM, 1985-1997
CAN CH Torwynd Ilus HIC CAN CD, 1985-1997
Glen Eire Just In Time, 1982-1997
Chelsea, 1990-1997
Lammermuir’s Miss Patches CD CGC, 1982-1997
Bendale All My Love, 1995-1997
Willowmead Mid Winter Boy ROMX, 1980-1997
Briery Knob Highland Wind, 1983-1997
Arcadias Shalako O’Beau Geste, 1986-1997
Artisan September Sienna, 1988-1997
Nonsense, 1984-1993
Jande Hellava Knight CD HC AGI NA, 1987-1997
Sir Dwaorkin of Arrochar UD HC, 1982-1997
Muffy, 1981-1997
Arcadia Walkoway Carte Blanche CD, 1984-1997
Cashin, 1988-1997
Lochengar’s Turn of the Tide, 1984-1997
CH Stonehaven’s Super Trooper HC, 1983-1995
Beasley, 1982-1995
Bantry Bay’s Winnifred, 1993-1995
Harmony Gold Nugget Boreadae, 1985-1995
Int AM & MEX CH Gai-Lejen Jonquil HC ROMI ROMO, 1982-1995
Osmart Smokey’s Silver Starter at Chaniam, 1979-1982
Stonehaven’s Daisy, 1980-1994
Osmart Hi Yall I’m Copper Chaniam, 1984-1987
Smokey’s Sweet Caress, 1988-1995
Highlander’s Lorna Doone CD HC ROM ROMI, 1981-1996
Stonehaven’s Pardon My Dust HC, 1988-1996
Buckram’s Best Regards, 1990-1996
Kenzie, 1983-1996
Ha’Penny Dream Weaver, 1983-1996
AM/MEX CH Kiku Coffee and Cream UD HS NA PCX HCT CGC, 1986-1996
Stonehaven Lady Pebbles, 1983-1996
Willowmead Spring Melody, 1982-1996
Am/CAN CH Briery Knob Winter Harvest ROMX HC, 1983-1996
Brigand O’Braemoor CD AM & CAN TD TT, 1981-1996
Ha’Penny Connecticut Yankee CD, 1980-1996
Oakengates Paisley Patch CD TD, 1983-1995
Moo, 1988-1995
Dearloves Sorcerer, 1985-1996
Mistymor Megan of Willowmead ROM ROMIX, 1982-1996
Penosa’s MacDougal HC, 1984-1996
Sugar Bear Sapen at Arcadia, 1986-1996
Honeysuckle of Tambora, 1983-1996
Arcadia’s Maid In The Shade, 1988-1996
AM/CAN CH Artisan The Magician HT, 1983-1996
Artisan Emperor Waltz HC, 1984-1996
AM/CAN CH Artisan Gypsy Baron ROMX ROMI, 1984-1996
Dovmars April Special Edition HC, 1990-1997
Penstone Spring Dorien, 1995-1997
Kari, Feb. 1997-Apr. 1997
Spurs’ Choklit Mousse Royale CD, 1983-1997
Abigail, 1987-1996
Jande Glorious Gloria, 1983-1995
Jande Axolotl of Fivefields, 1988-1994
Walkoway’s Dartmouth CD CGC, 1982-1996
Kiku Legendary Slate HC, 1990-1997
Caulbrae’s Ragtime, 1983-1997
Everblu Hermosa Mtn. Jazz Tyme, 1988-1997
Jason, 1986-1994
AM/CAN/INT CH Whyme’s Liken It Hot, 1991-1997
McNary’s Pandamonium, 1984-1997
Pentangle Bah Humbug Whyme, 1990-1997
Whyme’s Sheer Elegance, 1988-1997
Goldcrest KC CDX AX AAD ADC OAC NJC CGC, 1990-1997
Mistymor Bentley, 1985-1996
Diotima Dream Baby, 1980-1996
Goliath of Millar, 1972-1986
Ha’Penny Dashing Dudley, 1982-1996
Fox Lane’s Tam O’Shanter, 1980-1996
Bonnie, 1976-1989
CAN CH Davealex Royale Kavala, 1982-1996
Gladenmead Carrie Cocoa, 1982-1996
Gladenmead Blue Heather, 1985-1996
Skye’s First Twinkle, 1987-1996
Melita Mollly Collerin, 1981-1996
Martha, 1980-1996
Dovmar’s Truffles, 1983-1996
ENG CH Wellknowe Mountain Song, 1988-1996
Emshires Natasha, 1982-1995
Sheldawyns Blue Snowdrift, 1982-1996
Smokey Blue Blazes, 1982-1996
Jande Charlie Brown, 1981-1995
Skye’s Chocolate Kisses, 1988-1996
CAN CH Gai-Lejend Peaches and Cream AM/CAN CD AM HIC, 1984-1996
Arcadia’s Bentley O’Walkoway UD ROM ROMI ROMO HC TDI, 1983-1996
Kweo’s Diamond Jubilee, 1982-1995
Starry Night of Lonetree, 1983-1996
Stonehaven Kelly, 1983-1996