Guidelines for BCCA Donations

Revised October, 2012

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In order to help maintain its status as a non-profit social welfare organization, the BCCA should make charitable donations on an annual basis, if the status of the treasury will allow it. The following guidelines for donations are established:

  1. A minimum of $25,000 must remain in the BCCA Treasury after donations are made.
  2. A maximum total of $10,000 can be donated during a single fiscal year.
  3. A maximum of $7,500 can go to one recipient during a single fiscal year.
  4. Donations must be dog-related. They do not necessarily have to be Beardie-related.
  5. Charitable donations can be approved by the Board at any time during the club’s fiscal year, as long as guidelines 1-4 have been met.
  6. If no charitable donations have been made during the previous fiscal year, and the Treasurer indicates that the BCCA has sufficient funds at the time of the National Specialty then the following procedure is suggested:

Timetable for Annual Charitable Donations

Annual Board Meeting Treasurer delivers financial report and makes a recommendation on the amount of money we can afford to contribute. Committee is appointed to study possible recipients.
Annual Membership Meeting Committee is announced. Possible recipients can be suggested by the membership.
October and November Request for any additional suggestions is published in Newsletter and Board packet.
December and January Committee studies input from Board and membership.
February Committee makes recommendations to the Board on recipient(s) and size of donation(s).
March and April Board discusses recommendations.
May Board votes on contributions.
June Treasurer makes the donations.