Yearly Statistics

AKC Herding Champions (HC) and Dual Champions (DC)

Arranged in order by year (then alphabet)

DC (Dual Champion)

Britannia Chip Thrills, Sandy Weiss, 1998
Glen Elder Silver Artisan, Ann Witte, 1998
Artisan Northern Night, Ann Witte, 2003
Pentangle’s Kiss Me Now, Deb Thomas, 2005
Pentangle’s Celtic Flight, Elaine Robinson, 2006
Britannia License To Thrill, Sandy Weiss, 2007
Artisan Northern Knight, Brian Wistrom, 2008
Pentangle’s Forever Young, Deb Thomas, 2008
Artisan Pastoral Victory, Ann Witte, 2010
Britannia Zoots Me Fine, Sharon Prassa, 2010
Pentangle’s Pedal to the Metal, Sharon Baker, 2012

CH (Herding Champion)

Artisan Starlight, Cindy Mendonca, 2002
Sallen Cherokee, Ann Witte, 2005
Ceilidh MacKenzie, J Kittle, 2007
Cynamen Artisan Rising Star, Barbara Claxton, 2009
Pentangles Touch The Skye, Connie Hoffman, 2010

AKC Master’s Titles

AKC started the new Master’s Title with the 2012 year (qualifying legs before 1/1/2012 do not count).  This course and stock specific title is awarded when 8 qualifying legs (no judge requirements, no placement requirements) have been achieved AFTER a title is achieved.  The intent of the Master’s Title was to give owners an opportunity to continue competing at a level after the title was obtained and to be rewarded for the effort.

Arranged by Date.

Pentangle’s Pedal to the Metal, Sharon Baker – 8/25/2012
Wigglegworth’s Party Favor, Terry Manganiello and Sharon Ipser – 11/18/2012

Pentangle’s Pedal to the Metal, Sharon Baker – 8/26/2012

AKC Herding Stats 1990-2012

The herding accomplishments of Bearded Collies have increased considerably in the twenty three years of the AKC herding program.  Test and trial titles are shown in the graphs below.   AKC began awarding titles for course and stock type in 1999.  Since then 77.1% of titles were earned on sheep and 85.7% were earned on course A.

Legend for Graphs

Non-competitive Titles:  herding tested (HT); pretrial tested (PT)
Competitive Titles:  Started, Intermediate (int), Advanced (adv), Herding Champion (HC)


Participation between the first decade and the last 13 years is compared in the next graph.

The skill level needed by both dog and handler increases with each level, though somewhat unequally.   The goal is smooth quiet movement of the stock from the starting place to the finish, regardless of level or class.  At test levels, the dog should have a brief stay at the start and be able to fetch the stock to handler.  In PT the dog must also have a stop on course and a stay while the handler pens the stock at the end.  In Started the dog does an outrun (leave from a position opposite the stock, go out, around, and behind the stock) without disturbing the stock and then fetches stock to the handler for a walk around the course and penning at the end.  In intermediate and advanced the outrun is a greater distance and the dog must work independently while driving the stock after the initial fetch.  Lots of work goes into preparation for any level, test or title and many many a mile is walked in preparation for intermediate, advanced, and herding champion.  Most of the Beardies’ titles have been obtained by owner handlers.

So, be in awe when you see those herding titles with a dog’s name.  Take the opportunity to watch a herding trial when you can.  Obtain the rule book beforehand from AKC or ask someone at the trial to explain what is supposed to be happening (and when that doesn’t happen).  If you observe every run from start to finish you will come away with an appreciation for the work it takes to get to that point, how many seem to enjoy the event; you may want to try herding with your Beardie.  The very beginning level is instinct testing; for those curious check out a presentation on the topic.