To rescue, and then find new homes for, lost and/or abandoned Bearded Collies.

(Our purpose is not, and must not be, to ‘bail out’ irresponsible breeders who do not wish to help new owners with problems or take back their own pups/dogs when new homes don’t work out.)

A Very Brief History

Nothing’s sadder than a homeless Beardie. Because of this, Paul Glatzer proposed the idea of Beardie Rescue to the BCCA in the 1980s. The concept was met with wholehearted enthusiasm, and many of the original volunteers continue in their positions today. Our program has been the model for other breed programs.

In 1995, the Chicagoland BCC started a new tradition at our National Specialty: a Rescue Parade. Each year proud owners show off their beloved rescues, giving short histories of their Beardies.

How the BCCA Rescue Program Works

Our members support the effort by transporting, fostering, networking. We work with shelters, sending them flyers about our organization and notifying them that we want to help place all Beardies that enter their doors. But not all Beardies are strays or unwanted. Some are beloved pets whose owners have died or can no longer care for their Beardies. Whatever the reason, we are proud to say 100% of needy, healthy Beardies have found new homes.

All rescues are examined by veterinarians. If the dogs need care or updated vaccinations, this is done before they are placed. All Beardies are spayed or neutered before placement. We ascertain both mental and physical soundness and take great care to match the rescues with appropriate homes.

Adoptive families sign a contract stating they will return the Beardie to our organization if they can no longer care for them. We don’t want any of our foundlings to be without a home the second time around.

Beardie Rescue is supported by BCCA, and also by donations. The BCCA National Specialty also donates a portion of the proceeds from its annual auction. The BCCA Charitable Trust funds grant requests from Rescue; donations to the Trust are tax-deductible and may be earmarked for Rescue. The monies from our Memorial Program, in memory of own special Beardies, also go to Rescue. Adoptive families are asked to make a donation as well, so that we can continue our program.

The Guidelines for BCCA Rescue are here.

Some rescue success stories are here.

Donating to Rescue

To donate to Rescue, visit the Donate page.

Nationwide Rescue Contacts

To contact BCCA Rescue, contact the Nationwide Adoption Administrators below, or contact a Rescue Coordinator in your area:

Patty Halverson
1680 Mustang Drive
Henderson, NV 89002
Kay Sakowski
1818 O’Henry Court
Arlington, TX 76006

Rescue Coordinators maintain their own local lists of volunteers and provide help in their respective areas. To see the Rescue Coordinators listed by region, visit the Rescue Contacts page.

In Canada: Contact BCCC Rescue.

Rescue Forms (BCCA Rescue Use Only)

Rescue Handout for Shelters
Adoption Contract

Adopting a Rescued Beardie

If you want to adopt a rescued Beardie, contact the Rescue Coordinator in your area. The Coordinator will request that you fill out an adoption application.

You can fill out an online application here.

If you prefer to use a regular form, fill out and mail or email this adoption application. Note that older applications may expire after 12 months, so keep in touch with your Coordinator to indicate whether you’re still interested in adopting.

Important: If you move, change your phone number, or change your email address, please contact one of the Adoption Administrators.

More Resources for Potential Adopters

The BCCA Educational Initiative page includes useful information for potential adopters.

The Beardie Connection exists to help rehome non-rescue Beardies. For more information about the Beardie Connection, contact Julie Sneed, the National Coordinator.