Guidelines for BCCA Supported Entries

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The following is the BCCA Supported Show Policy:

  1. All requests for supported shows should be directed to the BCCA Recording Secretary, who will then submit the request to the Board of Directors for approval.
  2. If practical, the BCCA will support the entry at the show which immediately precedes or follows the BCCA National Specialty. (Amended 8/86)
  3. For each supported show (as defined in the Show Guidelines), the BCCA will provide a trophy for Best of Breed. For shows where there is an obedience trial, the BCCA will provide a trophy also for Highest Scoring Beardie in the regular obedience classes, qualifying score required.
  4. All bids should be forwarded three months prior to the closing date for the premium list of the all- breed show and must include:
    1. All-breed club’s name (henceforth referred to as the “host club” and not to be confused with the “host affiliated Bearded Collie Club”), date of the premium list, closing and show date.
    2. Facilities available for possible luncheon or meeting.
    3. Host club’s policy regarding supported shows, i.e. trophies, cash rebates, rosettes, etc.
    4. Host club’s policy with regard to selection of judges.
    5. The number of BCCA members and breed fanciers in the area willing to support the show with entries, trophies, and work.
    6. Shows, if any, which precede or follow immediately the proposed supported show

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